Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dude Confession: I Love Massage

I love all things sports.  I would sit and stare at ESPN 24/7 if I could.  I work in the construction industry.  I've never seen "The Notebook" or "Twilight".  I like fixing and building stuff.  And my musical tastes range from Foo Fighters & Metallica to George Strait & Alabama.

I'm a dude.

But over the last few months I've been engaging in something that some would consider a little fem ... massages!  No, not the kind with candles, vegetables on your face, soft pillows, and potpourri (or what ever that smelly stuff is called) ... but rather the deep tissue, separate your muscle fiber, lift you off the table in pain kind.  And it's awesome!

Michael and I have become friends with a cool girl/woman (I never know what to call a female in her 20's) who is an amazing massage therapist.  Plus she is a runner, so we usually talk running and fitness and compare notes on recent races. At first I was a little skeptical of the whole thing, but Michael convinced me to go because of all the stress and mileage I put on my legs.  And honestly, it has helped 100%.

It's not really "relaxing".  I mean, sometimes I think she's actually pushing her fingers all the way through my leg muscles and touching my bone marrow.  And I'm pretty sure my calves hate her.  It can be a little painful.  I've never cried ... though I've wanted to.  But I try to go the week after I run a marathon and it seems to do wonders for my recovery.  Literally the day after I see her, my legs feel refreshed and most of the soreness is gone from the previous race. 

I think more than anything, she loosens up the muscle fiber that  may be little knotted up, and increases blood flow and circulation to those areas.  But it really helps that she's a runner because she understands exactly what areas need more attention than others - plus she's totally cool. 

So if you're looking for something to ease the pain of a recent race, and you don't mind letting someone strap you down to a torcher rack for about an hour - I would highly recommend it.  My legs have never felt better!
... be great today!


  1. Soon you are gonna say your get pedicures too. Just kidding. :o)

    Yeah, those "massages" are great but I think they should come up with a different name. The term massage brings up visions of candles and soft music and relaxation. Sports massages are anything but! But they work wonders. It hurts so good.

  2. I know what you mean. Some people get massages to relax and feel all zen but I get massages so I can function like a normal person. It's more of a necessity than an indulgence and I need them to beat the crap out of me, too.

  3. I work at a chiropractic/massage therapy office. Massage is definitely beneficial and we see alot of people after races. We have one girl that is amazing at deep tissue that even the biggest men come out of there saying she almost made them cry but they still come back every few weeks.
    And it definitely is a perk for a runner like me to work at a place I get free monthly massages :)

  4. no Twilight for me either....books, bovies..all of it.

    I have had 2 massages since I started running and you are so right they do help. the best one I had was at Disney half marathon and it was free!!! here in town it was OK...not worth the $$ so I am looking for another option. I bought a foam roller for now...aouchy...but it does help!!

  5. I love watching sport. Never seen the Notebook or Twilight. And I seriously love deep tissue massages as well. I think I must be a dude too. Please don't tell my husband.

  6. hahaha!im going to ditto chars comment!!!!


    and no worries about your confession, my big burly husband (to get a visual,just picture the "big show" wrestler,or maybe stone cold steve austin) loves deep tissue sports massages (yeah he makes sure to say it all out to point out its not a massage at a spa)

    nothing like an hour of torture to make your legs feel like awesome!

  7. Char's comment is too funny! I must agree, except for watching ESPN 24/7. Even though, I do, it's more because I have no control over the remote!

  8. Deep tissue massage is torture in the best possible way! Nothing girlish about it.

  9. I need to find a place that does these deep tissue massages. I would love to get one!!

  10. lol you are hilarious! Yea, those kind of massages do help I think with recovery!

  11. Dude there's totally nothing wrong getting into massages! Actually, buff men need to be relaxed through touch therapy to take the tension off their muscles.

  12. You are not alone with your confession about massages, Jim! My boyfriend also loves massages – deep tissue massage, to be exact. In fact, I think the treatment suits men well because they are the ones who do a lot of hard work. Massage just helps the muscles relax and keep you strong. =]


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