Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great Week v. Below Average Run

Today's Workout ... 
                 Course:  Summit Fair Out & Back - Lees Summit, MO
                     Miles:   25            
            Total Time:  3:20:15
              Avg Pace:  8:00/mile
                  Avg HR:  155
               Workout:   Long Run

     Elevation Gain:   950 ft
 Calories Burned:   3,564
                     Temp:  84 Degrees, Humidity 52%, Wind 13SSW
 Miles This Week:  90

I guess sometimes you take the good with the "ehhh"?  I had another great week of workouts overall, and my second straight 90 mile week ... but today's long run really left a little to be desired.  Don't get me wrong, the final result of 8:00/mile over a slowish 25 miles is not too bad based on where I'm at right now.  But it was just a lot harder than it should have been at this point.  My legs were dead and heavy the whole time, and I just really never got into any sort of rhythm.  It was like I was fighting to keep pace the entire run.

Now, it WAS a toasty 82 when I started and 85 when I finished.  And 25 miles WAS my longest training run ever.  And this long run WAS at the end of a 90 mile week.  But I also "breezed" through a nice Tempo Run on Tuesday where I averaged 6:54/mile for 10 miles, and today when I was huffing and puffing to keep it close to 7:50, I was like "Really???".  But overall I accomplished a good second week of base building for my October marathon.  My legs feel really healthy, like I could handle more of a training load.  Not necessarily miles - I don't think that's critical at this point.  Just more quality tempo runs were I hold specific times for longer portions of the run. But this coming week is a recovery week - so I will stick to the schedule and not do too much too soon.  Hope your week of running went well too!
... be great today


  1. Congrats on the 2 90 mile weeks, that is amazing!

    And I think you are beating yourself up too much over this 25 mile training run - you just ran a 90 mile week and you came close to your marathon PR of 7:40 pace. You should have had some trouble on that run, your legs are tired =). Your heartrate seemed fine, I bet if you back off a bit you will do a run like that faster in a couple weeks, if it is in your training plan again.

  2. Wow... 2 90 mile weeks. That is unfathomable in my world.

    Great job!

  3. 25 miles is a training run? It seems to me you should be moving on to ultra marathons with all your high mileage.


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