Sunday, August 12, 2012

Like I Roll

Saturday's Workout:
                  Course:   Summit Fair & Downtown Out/Back - Lee's Summit,  MO
               Workout:   Long Run @ RE Pace
                     Miles:    25          
            Total Time:   3:19:46
              Avg Pace:   7:59/mile
                  Avg HR:   143
Elevation Gain:   922 ft
 Calories Burned:   3,556
                     Temp:   72 Degrees, Humidity 50%, Wind 2NW
 Miles This Week:   101

Another pretty good week of running capped off by a nice comfortable relaxed & easy 25 miler on Saturday.  This was my second 100  mile week during this training cycle, and frankly my body still feels really good.  Just like every runner, I can usually tell when I need more rest or I'm starting to feel a little fatigued.  But even though I've logged more mileage than ever this summer, I really don't feel like I'm getting at all close to that threshold.  And the main reason is the way I'm running these miles this year ... A LOT slower!

For example, out of the 101 miles I ran last week, only 17 of them were at a pace of 6:45/mile or less.  The other 84 were all 8:15/mile or more.   I have made a very conscience effort this training cycle to keep my fast miles to only about 20% of what I do up until this point.  In the next few weeks, I'll increase that slightly - but I'm finding the key is really recovering the days after tough workouts.  I know most of you are like "No kidding dummy!"  But I'm a slow learner - so bear with me.

BTW - it's pretty ironic that Ryan Hall has a TV commercial where he says, "Maybe just a short run today!" ...  because that's exactly what he had at the Olympics on Sunday.  That really sucked for him ... and ME!!!  I got up at 4:00AM to watch him go for a medal - but as you know by now, a hamstring injury shut him down early in the Olympic Marathon.  For that matter, the USA only had one marathoner finish the race - 37 year old Meb in 4th place.  Better luck next time Ryno and get well soon!  Have a great week!
... be great today!


  1. You are certainly logging some excellent distance, well done! I believe with upping the distance, slower is absolutely vital. That is the only way to stay away from injury while running the miles you are. have a super week!

  2. Amazing distance log. I'm pushing for 30 this week but can't imagine fitting 100 in. Great job!

  3. Holy crap you are nuts! Might as well have just ran a marathon. :) You are doing some crazyass training right now and I am sure it is going to pay off.

  4. 101 miles .... amazing. Must feel good to hit those numbers and still feel strong. I'm trying to learn the slow-the-pace lesson. I only seem to have a single gear most days. Humidity is trying to cure me of this, however.

  5. So many of the marathon runners had to pull out on Sunday. Personally I think it's cruel and unusual to schedule it to start at 11am in Summer. I'm sure the spectators could have gotten out of bed a couple of hours earlier so the runners could have run in better conditions.

  6. Wait. You used the words "comfortable, relaxed, and easy" while describing a 7:59 pace for 25 miles. Amazing.

    My words for a 7:59 pace over 25 miles would be "funeral home".


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