Saturday, September 15, 2012

"I've Become So Numb"

Saturday's Workout:
                  Course:   The Jack & Summit Fair Loop - Lee's Summit,  MO
               Workout:   Long Run
                     Miles:    25.3          
            Total Time:   3:21:53
              Avg Pace:   7:59/overall & last 10 miles@7:35
                  Avg HR:   145
Elevation Gain:   1.087 ft
 Calories Burned:   3,618
                     Temp:   60 Degrees, Humidity 75%, Wind 5NE

 Miles This Week:   86

Before today's workout log - a HUGE SHOUT OUT (Nelly-style) to Rachelle of Running For Trevor and her HUGE race she had at the Top Of Utah Marathon in Logan, Utah.  If you don't follow her ... you're  missing out.  She is the most positive, inspirational, and kindest blogger out there - and she is quickly becoming the best runner!  Not female runner ... RUNNER!!!  She only started running a few years ago and is already doing amazing things!  The Top of Utah Marathon is special to me because in 2010, it was my first Boston Qualifier ... but this gal just smoked my time by more than 20 minutes!!!  Congrats Rachelle on a great race, but mostly on being such a great person!

I had a really good, and very enjoyable run on Saturday morning.   It was my last "super long run" before the Prairie Fire Marathon on 10/14/12, and it felt great to get a nice smooth relaxed pace 25 miles in.  I'll probably do another 20 or 22, but nothing more than that. At no point on Saturday did I feel like I was  working, it all just flowed really well, and my average heart rate reflects that.   It was only 145 for the day - pretty low for such a long run.  I'm really trying to slow my long runs down, which I've never done before.  Partly based on all of the extra research I've done for this marathon ... but also so Jill of Run With Jill won't yell at me about pace - ha!  It seems with the more relaxed pace on non-workout days, and slower paces on long runs, I've just had much more energy for the tougher workouts during the week.  Hopefully it will pay off on race day.

One weird thing happened this week though.  I've been icing my groin from time to time when it gets tight and a little sore.  The other night I think I iced it a little too long (about 22 minutes) because when I went to bed, I noticed my groin area was still numb, and when I woke up the next morning - my right thigh was a little numb.  Nothing serious, but on most of the front of my right thigh, I'm experiencing a little minor numbness.  It hasn't seemed to affect my running - but I'm less than thrilled with any part of my body being numb.

I did the standard internet medical search and I think I might have freezer burned the Femoral Nerve a little.  It seems to be a pretty common answer, and the prognosis's range from "nothing major" to an apparent impending amputation. Over icing the Femoral Nerve can result in temporary numbness in the front or side of the quad muscles - so it seems like no big deal.  It didn't seem to bother me today - but I'll definitely keep an eye on it.  Hope your running going well!
... be great today!


  1. I always end up with some type of cancer when I Google Doctor my symptoms. Headache - brain cancer. Sore thumb - brain cancer. Rash on my butt - brain cancer. Excessive flatulence - brain cancer. Maybe I should stop clicking on the brain cancer link.

  2. I'm thinking the wife may not be too happy if you have to amputate the groin area ;).

    No yelling today!! Great run today and loving the last 10 faster. Would be great to do a 20ish in two weeks with the middle 10 @ race pace, but that's it for the long runs.

    You're going to have a great race :)!

  3. now don't take this the wrong way...but this past year and half...

    I thoroughly enjoyed and preferd a numb groin ;) wierd, I know...but true!

    but you...maybe not so much ;)

    Hope it goes away soon...

  4. This is going to be a great race for you, Jim! Sorry about the numb groin--it reads kinda funny--hopefully not serious or long-term. :^)

  5. I'm impressed how you always finish the last half faster than the first. That is some excellent training.

    Hope the numbness goes away soon!

  6. LOL at Char! But that numbness is scary. Be careful!

  7. So what you're telling us is that you freezer burned your man parts? That's what I was hearing that whole time. You know what's good for that?? Take that thing you flip your pancakes with and smack yourself.

  8. Your mileage is awesome (as it has been for awhile). With any luck we should have some good weather. I have no doubt you'll PR at Prairie Fire.

    Speaking of which, I hope you have some time to meetup. Maybe for dinner.

    Thanks to my injury prone year, it's looking like I should be slower for this, my first marathon all year.

  9. Awww how did I miss this? I'm such a blog slacker but thanks so very much for the shout out! You have been so incredibly supportive of me through my entire running journey and I really really appreciate it. You have also been such a great resource to me and I get so excited when you update because I'd be lying if I didn't admit I'm pretty obsessed with your awesome training!

    Awesome run! Things are just flowing for you and you are primed and ready to go. So incredibly excited to see how you do at your marathon. I'll be stalking for sure.


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