Friday, October 12, 2012

Here Comes The Boom!

Project 3:09 comes to an end on Sunday - hopefully a victorious end!  It's been a tough road of training but I feel stronger than ever - so now there's nothing left to do besides drop the hammer on the Prairie Fire Marathon course in Wichita, KS.

Thank you to everyone who has followed and commented on my training for Project 3:09!  Your comments are always motivating and encouraging, and I draw from them when the going gets a little tough.  Some have asked why I chose the name Project 3:09.  It's not a Bible verse or anything (although it would be cool if I could find one that applied).  It was simply from the fact that for a long time I've wanted to set my marathon PR at 3:0"something".  Currently it's 3:20:03.  Yes doubters ... I'm well aware that it's 11 minutes off of my fastest marathon ever.  But PLEEEEEEASE tell me I can't ... or I'm too old ... or I'm not good enough.

To be honest, I'm 50% confident ... but 50% scared to death!  The familiar questions about my ability and doubts about conditioning are bouncing around in my head and making my stomach do flips, but I can promise you this ...

I WILL attack the course on Sunday.  
I WILL trust the 100 mile weeks and grueling two-a-day speed training.
I WILL experience pain - but I'm stronger than anything it has to offer.
I WILL be intently focused on everything I have worked for.
I WILL NOT quit or back down.
I WILL finish the race knowing it took my best shot ... and it WILL be good enough!
And I WILL ... be great today!


  1. Run smart. Run strong. Have a blast! Will be cheering for you every mile!! Go get it!


  2. dont over think things-all your hard training/work will pay off!
    dont think about it,
    just do it!


    am cheering you on from the virtual sidelines--cant wait for a recap!

  3. Hope you have a great race and that everything comes together for your goal!

  4. Good luck!! I hope you go in with Project 3:09 and come out with project 3:05! High five with a pancake flipper!

  5. Do it... just to piss off the doubters

  6. You are the most dedicated runner I know, and you deserve everything you get.
    As long as the weather cooperates (and it looks like it will with low 50s), 3:09 is guaranteed.
    3:05 is likely
    sub 3 is possible

    You must be thrilled to finally be able to run full speed out there! Just try to keep the legs reigned in a little at the start, then let them roll later in the race!

  7. You can. You're nowhere near too old. And you're definitely good enough. Go get em Tiger!

  8. Good luck! Your training has been so inspiring to read about! Can't wait to read about it!

  9. You have been training so hard. I personally think you are going to crush 3:09!

    I can't wait to hear how it went!

  10. BOOM! You got this - have a great race!

  11. Good luck in your race! 3:09 sounds totally right. Plus nine was considered a sacred number in Egypt (a dumb fact but good to know when you hit the good 'ol 20-mile mark).
    Run strong!


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