Monday, October 1, 2012

Kansas City Blues-N-Brews 10 Miler

Michael whaling on guitar, me on the harp, and
Blues Traveler backing us up - thanks guys!
Blues-N-Brews 10 Miler
September 30, 2012
Kansas City, MO

Time: 1:20:46
Pace: 8:05/mile
Place: 92nd Overall,13th in 40-44 Age Group
Weather: 62 Degrees, 75% Humidity, Sunny, Wind 5SE

On Saturday, Michael and I ran in the 1st Annual Blues N Brews 10 Miler in our hometown Kansas City,  MO.  And even though neither of us really "raced" it, we had a great time.  We both saw a ton of people we knew and hung out with some of Michael's triathlon pals before and after the race.

The main attraction of the race was a post-race concert by the band Blues Traveler.  You know, world class harmonica player John Popper's band that had the 90's hits "Hook" and "Run Around" among others.  Great band playing great blues music.  They were awesome!  There were probably less than 500 people who stayed to watch them play - but they rocked it like there were 5,000.  Really cool of them to play that well at 10am on Sunday morning.

The only significant running event for either of us at this race was that I passed 2,500 miles for the year.  And so far I feel completely healthy.  I should end up with about 3,500 or so, even though I'll start throttling down a little after my upcoming marathon.

Blues Traveler playing after the 2012 Blues N Brews 10 Miler
The run served as a great recovery run from my 20 mile long run on Saturday.  And Michael used it as her last long run before her half-marathon at Wichita in two weeks that she'll run while I run the full.  She ran really well at this race, even though she'd been battling some minor nagging injuries.  I know she'll be great at Wichita - she always is!

Michael crossing the finish line - awesome baby!!!
There were only about 500 people at this race which surprised me a little.  But there was also a Kansas City Chiefs home game on Sunday, and a women's half-marathon in Overland Park that they were competing with.  I'm not sure how the women's half-marathon drew, but even though the Chiefs are probably the worst NFL team this year, they still always draw well.

I started the race running at about an 8:30 pace with Michelle, one of Michael's best friends, and then Joe, one of Michael's triathlon buddies.  But I think I was bugging Joe a little by chatting a little too much - because after one of the water stops (mile 5 I think) Joe said, "Well, enjoy the rest of your race!"  Kinda like - "Hey, beat it fella!"  So I just chuckled and wandered on ahead.

About mile 8 I got tired of running the slower pace in a "race", and my competitive nature kicked in a little.  I ran mile 9 at 7:03, and mile 10 at 6:34.  Just needed to stretch my legs a little I guess.  It felt good to really open it up a bit in the last two miles - and they felt really easy thanks to all of the marathon training I've been doing lately.

Even though it was only a 10 mile race, and even though I really didn't race it - it was great to feel the adrenaline of race day.  There's something about running with a bunch of other folks that makes me want to run my best.  It made me really excited for the Prairie Fire Marathon in Wichita in two weeks where hopefully I'll complete Project 3:09 successfully.

Kansas City's very own Marching Cobras
After the race, in addition to the Blues Traveler concert, we were treated to a short performance by a Kansas City original - The Marching Cobras.  They are a nationally renowned performing unit that works with inner-city youths as a productive extra curricular activity and requires good grades and citizenship.  Over the past 40 years, approximately 8,000 youths have participated in The Marching Cobras and they are still going strong.  They're awesome!

I guess the only draw back to the race was the lack of food and drink at the end.  If you were lucky enough to finish in time, you got a bottle of Gatorade, but some didn't even get that.  There was food that could be purchased at Grinders, the adjacent restaurant that accompanied the event, but it would have been nice to have a banana or something.  But maybe it was an agreement with Grinders to help them out by being one of the sponsors.  I've always been lucky enough to never be one of the last ones to finish at a race, and have always got what food or drinks that were available - but many don't finish before the supplies run out.  I think that plain sucks.  Every single person should matter in a race - and every single person should have the same opportunity at food or drink that I have by being one of the first ones to finish - it's only right.

But all in all it was a fun day and Michael and I both had a great time.  Now it's off to Taper Land before my big PR test in Wichita.  Hopefully I won't go crazy over the next couple of weeks.  Oh and by the way, you're probably wondering about the "Brews" part ... didn't partake - usually don't.  Sorry.  Hope your running is going well!
... be great today!


  1. That's a lot of miles! I love Ten Milers and think it is the perfect racing distance. I have also discovered I do like not racing a race once in awhile.

  2. I love the Blues Travelers. 10 miles is a good distance. In half marathons I often think I'd like to be done at 10 miles....

  3. How about you can pull me along on roller blades and we can both BQ?

  4. Great run, well done! I run many races as training...actually most races are training for a few main goals every year. We used to have plenty 10 mile (16km) races here but they were all changed to 15km races. Now we have only one left that I know of and that is a trail race.

  5. That must have been really hard to keep yourself reigned in during the race! If you had done that race all out, I bet you could have gotten something like 630 to 645 pace or something. Didn't know that Blues Traveler was still around! Classic 90s music.


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