Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oh Man ... This Is Gonna Hurt!

Usually by Wednesday before a marathon I'm one of two things ...  

1) Really confident-slash-border line cocky (leave me alone, it's how I trick my old body into thinking it still has it)
2) Really nervous-slash-unsure if I can meet the pace I have planned out for the race.

But for the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon this Saturday, let me introduce another scenario ...

3) Out of shape-slash-worried I can't get through it-slash-10 pounds overweight-slash-worried I can't get through it!

I know ... yes, I can probably get through it ... but it IS gonna hurt like a banshee!  All I've ran for the past few weeks are short races.  Plus my training has really dropped off, while my poor diet has really increased ... wonderful combo for success!  But the cool thing is I get to run this race with my friend Bobby from North Carolina.  We met at the Myrtle Beach earlier this year and later ran part of the Little Rock Marathon together.  Plus, we both played in our fantasy baseball league this year - so it will be cool to see him again!  Hopefully I won't slow him down with all my walking and moaning from the pain!

Hope your week is going well!
... be great today!


  1. With scenario #3, you might be pleasantly surprised! Hope it's a great race and that your friend will provide good entertainment :)

  2. I *bet* you'll do better than you think.....Interested to see how it pans out!

    Did you ever pick that CO marathon? :^)

  3. That's so cute how you and your friend get to run together.

  4. I didn't know you were running BRB. It's a great race, I ran it last year. But it's small so, you know, watch course markers. Don't get lost and run 27 miles by mistake. Yep. I did that.
    If you registered early you get free socks and a duffle bag!

  5. I think option 3...needs a "lets have fun today" and you might be surprised.... I hope you will be. Now to more important question..when is the CA Marathon?!

  6. Have a great race. Hope your trip to Louisiana is good - looks like it might be a little warm - so remember to hydrate.

    My daughter Jennifer and my friend Lindsay will be at the Expo at the Team RWB booth. Stop and say hi.

  7. I have a feeling you are going to have a very nice run. Just relax and enjoy it. Take it easy this week!

  8. Just have fun and enjoy it. It's gotta be better than dealing with the freezing cold weather we've had in Utah lately. :)

  9. Just have fun and enjoy it. It's gotta be better than dealing with the freezing cold weather we've had in Utah lately. :)

  10. hey...if it's scenario number 3...you'll lose those 10 pounds and be ready to roll for the next one...only men can lose 10 pounds that fast and easy...

    Best of luck and enjoy racing with your buddy ;)

  11. It could be that the short distances and eating up big has refreshed you and given your legs all the glycogen they'll need for 42.2k.

  12. Awesome!! I'll be working the TEAM RWB booth at the Expo, stop by and say HI.


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