Sunday, November 4, 2012

Things You DON'T Say To Your Wife

So the other morning we're getting ready for work. Michael's standing in front of the mirror doing maybe the worst dance I've ever seen in my life ...

Michael ... "Hey, ya know what this dance is called?"
Jim ... "I dunno, the 'Jiggle All Over'?"

Apparently when you label a dance someone is doing, most notably your wife, the "Jiggle All Over", they claim you're calling them fat???   Oh babe, you know I think you're the skinniest, sexiest, most tight-bodied woman I've ever met! Love ya! (jiggle it, just a little bit)
... be great today!


  1. I'm surprised that she let you live after that comment.

    I heard another amazingly male comment not long ago. One of her so-workers had a daughter going to her school formal but had unfortunately grown a pimple on her chin. The Dad decided he would point it out - "what's that great mountain on your chin?" to desensitise her to any other comments. Then he wondered why she got so upset.

  2. Hmmmmm Jim....Jim....Jim....
    I cannot find any way to justify being in your corner on this one....

  3. You're still alive?!? Wow, you are a lucky guy!

  4. Foot in mouth syndrom. i know you didnt mean it that way. lol


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