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Best & Worst of 2012

2011 was my best running year ever!!!  I mean c'mon, I got to run with my daughter in her first half-marathon, PR'd at my first Boston Marathon, ran 3,000 miles for the first time, completed back-to-back marathons in one weekend, and then ran another marathon PR three weeks after that! Yep, 2011 was an awesome year man ... oh, so this is the 2012 review?  Ah, well ... let's just say 2012 was no 2011 my friend!  Nope, this year proved to be my most disappointing yet.  However, I DID stay healthy ... which at 44 years old is a huge success on it's own!  But it just seemed like every time I lined up with others to run as fast as we could, I ended up crossing the finish line much slower than anticipated.

Finish line at the Stars & Stripes 5K
No More Heel-Strike
I knew from the outset that this year would be a challenge.  At the end of 2011 I completely overhauled my foot-strike from a harsh, ground-pounding heel-strike ... to a nice cushioned forefoot strike.  It took a ton of work and really slowed my pace down for a while.  But sitting here in December of 2012, I can tell you that I'm as healthy as I've ever been after a year of running.  My legs feel healthy and strong and I'm ready to tackle 2013.

Racing = Disappointment
The main problem with 2012 was the racing, and namely two major races that proved to be major setbacks - Rock The Parkway Half & Prairie Fire Marathon ... disasters!  The first was the Rock The Parkway Half Marathon in Kansas City in April.  Admittedly I was in the middle of changing my foot strike, but I really felt like I would be around 1:28-1:29 ... however ended up with a 1:33. But the worst part was getting smoked by my ex-brother-in-law.  He beat me by about 4 minutes in the race and it was humiliating.  Not to take anything from him - he ran a great race and PR'd that day.  But we're pretty competitive with each other so anytime I lose to him it just plain sucks - ha!

The second and most disappointing of these "disaster races", and by far my worst race ever was the Prairie Fire Marathon in Wichita, KS.  Y'all remember right ... Project 3:09!!  I literally trained all summer for this specific race, and honestly started thinking about in October of 2011.  All of my trial times and training leading up to it indicated that I should have been right around a 3 hour marathon, although I was only shooting for a 3:09 finish time.  I was literally in the by far the best running shape of my life.  But I made a series of errors on race day and ended up with a finish time that was about 40 minutes slower than planned ... DISASTER!!!

Not All Bad
I did have a few minor successes in 2012.  I set a 5K & 10K PR,  ran 3,000 miles for the second straight year, and finished in the top 3 of my age group in 8 different races.  Michael and I also got to meet and make some new friends at different races.  But by far the coolest thing I got to do was cross the finish line with my wife as she finished her first 26.2 at the Disney Marathon in Orlando, FL.  That was definitely the highlight of the year!  It was just so awesome being a part of it with her!

Here are my race stats from this past year ...

01/08/12 - Walt Disney World Marathon - 5:54:47 (Ran with Michael in her first marathon)
02/05/12 - Buffalo Run Trail 5K - 23:17 - 7:29/mile (2nd Place Overall/71 runners, 1st Place 40-49AG)
02/18/12 - Myrtle Beach Marathon - 3:59:23 - 9:01/mile
03/04/12 - Little Rock Half-Marathon - 1:33:23 - 7:08/mile (62nd/3271 Overall,  8th/205 in 40-44 AG)
04/14/12 - Kansas City Rock The Parkway Half-Marathon
- 1:33:02 - 7:05/mile (96th/4,015 Overall, 11th/217 40-44 AG)
04/21/12 - Garmin Oz Half-Marathon - 1:32:08 - 7:03/mile (28th/967 Overall, 3rd Place/45 40-44 AG) 
05/06/12 - Flying Pig Marathon - 3:45:00, 8:36/mile (590th/4,084 Overall, 78th/357 40-44 AG)
06/03/12 - Casper Marathon - 3:35:10, 8:13/mile (13th/247 Overall, 2nd Place/41 40-49 AG)
07/04/12 - Stars & Stripes 5K - 19:06, 6:08/mile (5th/411 Overall, 1st Place/40-44 AG)
07/08/12 - MLB All-Star 5K - 33:38, 10:43/mile (ran with Michael)
09/03/12 - Labor Day 5K - 18:29, 5:58/mile (32/399 Overall, 5th/24 40-44 AG) Current PR
09/30/12 - Blues-N-Brews 10 Miler - 1:20:46, 8:05/mile (92nd Overall, 13th in 40-44 AG)
10/14/12 - Prairie Fire Marathon - 3:48:55, 8:44/mile (20/66 in 40-44 AG)
10/27/12 - Halloween Hustle 10K - 42:46, 6:54/mile (6th/208 Overall, 1st Place/40-44 AG)
11/11/12 - Marshall University Marathon - 3:20:42, 7:40/mile (56th/595 Overall, 7th/62 in 40-44 AG)
11/17/12 - NorthFace Endurance Challenge 10K - 40:29, 6:32/mile (4th/434 Overall, 1st Place/33 in 36-45 AG) Current PR
11/22/12 - Ward Parkway Thanksgiving Day 5K - 19:29, 6:17/mile (23rd/1,873 Overall, 3rd Place/77 in 40-44 AG)
12/01/12 - Baton Rouge Beach Marathon - 4:18:52, 9:21/mile
12/16/12 - Santa Hustle Half Marathon - 1:36:11, 7:21/mile (42rd/938 Overall, 2nd Place/46 in 40-44 AG)

Best & Worst Race Photo of 2012 ...
Best: Crossing the finish line at Disney with Michael
Worst: Stumbling to the finish line at Wichita
& further confirmation that I'm not made of steel

Best & Worst Pre-Race Dance of 2012 ...
Worst: So we're cheering with pig ears now???
Best: SMACK THAT ... before Disney

Best & Worst Medal 0f 2012 ...
Worst: Buffalo key chain for Age Group Award
Best: Disney - who doesn't love Mickey!

Hanging Out With Celebrities in 2012...
Alison Sweeney from the Biggest Loser & Michael at the MLB All-Star 5K

Post race concert with Blues Traveler after the Blues & Brews 10 Miler in Kansas City

Me, Michael, and Buzz flyin' high after the Disney Marathon

Me with George Brett, Mike Sweeney, and Willie Mays Aikens - most of you have no idea who these guys are

Best Photo of 2012 ... um, Ever ...
Madison & me at her wedding this summer

Worst Photo of 2012 ... um, Ever ...
Accidentally took this photo standing in line at the Disney Marathon & noticed it later that a LADY???

Meeting & Running With Friends in 2012 ...
Coy, Michael, Jeff from Detroit Runner, & me at Cincinnati
Me & my friend Bobby at Little Rock

Jon from 2Slow4Boston, Michael, & me at Wichita
Michael, me, & Coy at Indianapolis

Michael and THE world's best masseuse, Christa at the MLB All-Star 5K

Michael and her triathlon friends at the Blues & Brews 10 miler - Christi, Michelle, Nikki, Michael

15 Minutes of Fame in 2012...
Michael & me being interviewed by a local TV station after a Thanksgiving Day race

Almost Eaten By a Shark in 2012 ...
Just kidding, that's not a real shark and he didn't really eat me

Here area a few more random stats from 2012 ...

Total Miles Ran: 3,043
Most Miles Ran at Once: 30, twice this summer on training runs
Fastest Race: Labor Day 5K - 18:29, 5:58/pace
Longest Time On My Feet: Disney Marathon 5:54
Hottest Runs: July 4th, 8 miles in 101 degrees ... July 5th, 1 mile in 103 degrees
Coldest Runs: None ... warmest winter ever, also - if it was single digits I ran inside
Favorite Marathon of 2012: Flying Pig in Cincinnati, OH
Least Favorite Marathon of 2012: Casper Marathon in Wyoming (not a bad race, just my least favorite this year)
Favorite blogs of 2012:  Really all of my favorites are on my side bar thing at the right - but these are the ones I probably read the most right now ... Nelly On The Run - Nelly's everyone's favorite and a great guy, How I Complicated My Life Today - Grace is a great runner that I learn a lot from, and probably My Dirt Road Anthem & Small Town Runner
Most Influential Runner: Jill of Run With Jill - she's probably the closest thing to a running coach I've got. She's given me so many pointers this year and is always right there to let me know what I'm doing wrong in my running ... ha!  But she's taught me a lot!
Total Different Cities Ran: 31 ... Lee's Summit, MO   Wichita, KS   Orlando, FL   Kissimmee, FL   Independence, MO    Las Vegas, NV    Ankeny, IA     Iowa City, IA    Des Moines, IA    Cedar Rapids, IA    Coralville, IA    Parkville, MO    Myrtle Beach, SC    Little Rock, AR    Omaha, NE    Kansas City, MO    Elgin, IL,    Olathe, KS    Cincinnati, OH    Indianapolis, IN   Baton Rouge, LA    Casper, WY    La Vista, NE    Prairie Village, KS    Council Bluffs, IA    Leawood, KS    Racine, WI     Lenexa, KS    Shawnee, KS    Springfield, MO    Huntington, WV

As always, I really appreciate everyone who reads and follows my blog.  I've enjoyed getting to know many of you this past year!  I hope you have a wonderful, happy, and healthy 2013 ... best wishes with your running!
... be great today!

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  1. I'm really liking this idea of best and worst of 2012. What a lot of great things you've accomplished though for 2012. I still have to say how much I love the pre-race dance photos with your wife. Please keep doing those. They make me smile:) Ok, that hairy picture is just super weird!!! You don't know if it was a lady or a man??

    Bring on 2013! It will be fun to watch and see what's in store for you.


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