Monday, January 14, 2013

"Feels Like 3 Degrees" Feels Like Pain

Good week of working out.
Core 5 workout Monday-Friday - finally starting to work off Christmas gut.
Two leg strengthening workouts.
71 miles ran.
Back-to-back long runs ... 18 on Saturday, 16 on Sunday.
Sunday ... 15 degrees + 13mph wind + "feels like" temp of 3 degrees = legs and body that move very slowly.
13mph breeze in your face of "feels like" 3 degrees makes your cheeks numb, your spit thick, and your eyelids frosty.
"Feels like" 3 degrees for 2-1/2 hours hurts.
Starting to feel more confident about my ultras coming up in a couple of months - really building towards them.
Have a great week.
... be great today!


  1. Awesome week! It reads strange to me as we had a heat wave in Johannesburg last week. I've also got some cool ultras to train for. Keep it going!

  2. I would have died. The coldest I ever ran in is 20 degrees and I made sure I made enough drama about that!

  3. Want you miss packing around a baby? I ran in windchill temps of -30 anything above -10 doesn't seem so bad. Although I do prefer the thirties.

  4. man, this post makes me feel like a pansy. Nice work on that mileage and back to backs man. Keep it up. Just to let you know, love your blog and its a great motivator.

  5. This post just proves to me that no one gets good running weather in summer. No one!!

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  7. Char's comment cracked me up, give her location :)

    Way to be tough. I don't mind the cold, but i don't like it when my sweat starts to freeze on my body.

    I missed what ultra you are training for. When is it?

  8. After about 10miles, the hand warmers just don't feel as warm anymore. I don't like the cold winter runs. You are amazing! Don't forget to hydrate - it seems I always have to remind myself to rehydrate in the colder months.

  9. I wimped out and did my long run inside on Saturday. :^)

    Looks like a great week for you!

  10. Did your boogers freeze?

    Very nice week of training my friend.

  11. So Michael said that race you originally wanted to run sold out. Did you find another?? Is the medal a spatula?

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