Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good Weekend & Nice Run

My weekend went like this ...
  • Run 9 miles early Saturday morning in 23 mph winds
  • Next, get strapped down to the torture rack for a leg "massage" with my sadist massage therapist at 9AM
  • Accordingly, spend the day recovering from said "massage"
  • That night, go to dinner & movie with aforementioned therapist and her husband while she snickers diabolically to herself as the bruises on my legs continue to expand
  • Finally, get up and slug through 18 miles on Sunday with dead, lactic-acid filled legs
  • Oh, and go to lunch with daughter Madison and my son & law Nate & Michael ... the best part.
Besides being the world's best massage therapist, Christa's also a friend of ours and we've all had dinner a couple of times.  She's awesome ... but this woman will hurt you.  And I'm pretty sure my leg muscles hate her.  I usually try to drink plenty of water after a visit, and even go for a walk or something to get rid of the lactic acid that builds up during a massage.  But it never fails, if I run the day after I see her, my legs feel nice and loose, but they also feel like two boat anchors the next day.  So my run on Sunday was a little rough, but I got through it and was fairly satisfied with how the splits looked for a long run ...

  Warm Up               9 Miles@7:11 Pace               Cool Down
Mile 1 - 8:43                    Mile 6 - 7:26                    Mile 15 - 8:16
Mile 2 - 8:23                    Mile 7 - 7:28                    Mile 16 - 7:52
Mile 3 - 8:23                    Mile 8 - 7:16                    Mile 17 - 8:43
Mile 4 - 8:12                    Mile 9 - 7:18                    Mile 18 - 8:26
Mile 5 - 8:00                  Mile 10 - 7:06
                                        Mile 11 - 7:04
                                        Mile 12 - 7:13
                                        Mile 13 - 6:54
                                        Mile 14 - 7:08

I noticed right away that my legs felt fairly non-responsive, and overall I just felt sluggish and tired.  But I really wanted to push a 9-10 mile stretch during a long run about 20-30 seconds above my target pace for my half-marathon at Indy in 27 days.  Even though the morning was perfect, about 55-60 with no wind, it was still a grind trying to meet my targeted pace. But considering how I felt going into the run, I was fairly pleased with how it turned out.  But I've still got a long way to go if I'm gonna hit my times on race day.  Hope your weekend went well too!
... be great today!


  1. Massage feels so great and so terrible!

  2. My sister is my masseuse. She's great but she hurts so much and she loves it when you say it hurts. I think all masseuses are sadists.

  3. The place where I go for massages tell me not to plan big runs the day after. Probably why you were hurting during your run.

  4. It took me a little while perusing all those mile times but looooooks like I could have possible done my fastest mile during your cool down. Way to reign it back into the boat mr. anchors!

  5. Now that is one smart long run. Most people get it wrong by drudging the whole thing out, but you nailed it. I have never gotten massage before. I wonder.


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