Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Need A Race

None of you have mocked me yet ... thank you ... but yes, my Royals have taken their annual nose-dive to the cellar and are now in last place again.  "First to Worst" in about 3 weeks.  They've lost 20 out of their last 23 games.  Way to go Royals ... break my heart again.

Anyway, Michael and I have the Hospital Hill Half-Marathon this weekend.  It will be a huge struggle!  I don't mean a struggle to PR, o run well, or finish strong ... I mean to friggin' finish!!!  I'm not sure I can even do 13 miles right now.  I am in the biggest running funk I've been in for about 5 years.  I'm only running like 2-3 times each week, and just have no interest in it right now.

This is what happens every time I don't have a lot of events scheduled closely together.  I'll run a little here and there, but there's no focus or urgency to work out or train.  It just kinda gets put on a back burner.  And the diet ... hahahahaha ... it's horrible right now.  I'm not even gonna go into that.  I'm just spiraling.

I have a race at the end of June that I'm gonna train for, so hopefully that ... as well as my body screaming at me this weekend after the race ... will be enough to get me back on track.  Come to think of it, I'm kinda like my Royals ... on top of the world after the Indy 500 Mini with a new Half-Marathon PR, and then only about a month later, running toward the back of the pack.  Hmm, maybe we'll both make a comeback!  Hope your running's going well!
... be great today!


  1. We might do better if Ned would concentrate on baseball instead of football. hahahaha

  2. It's not always a bad thing to have a down time with your running. Your body might have needed the time to heal and restore itself after all the races you've done in the past couple of years. And I have absolute faith that the fire will start to burn brightly again and you'll have your passion back.

  3. I can't imagine you won't do well but it's all in how we as individuals feel about the race. Hopefully you will do better than you think you will.

  4. I agree with Char. Racing lulls happen to all of us - we have to listen to them, they maybe telling us something. After all that strength training - I'm sure you will do great! You both will probably surprise yourselves and do great! Just think of your tag line!

  5. You might run very comfortably with the rested body. This is one of the reasons I have so many long term goals. It keeps the motivation high. Have a great weekend and enjoy the race!

  6. Utah is full of races. I run one almost every weekend. It's nuts!! Bring Michael and come out here. I would even love to have you stay with us. We aren't scary people, promise.

  7. Sorry about your Royals. My husband is unwillingly still rooting for his terrible Dodgers at this point. But, hey at least we also have the Kings :-)

    Good luck getting back into the race routine. You'll find your running niche again soon.

  8. I actually think it's good to take a break like this Jim. When you jump back into it (which you already have after the weekend race) you will feel fresh and be ready to focus again.

    Sorry about the royals!


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