Sunday, June 16, 2013

Updated Race Schedule & I Need Your Advice

2013 has been one of my lightest racing years to date.  Not necessarily by choice.  Things just didn't line up in a couple of cities with the dates I needed.  But here are the races I plan on running for the remainder of this year - you should join me at one of them!  Yes, Michael will be with me ... which makes the occasion so much more enjoyable.

           June 30 ... "The Double" Overland Park Double Road Race - Overland Park, KS
               July 4 ...  Stars & Stripes 5K - Lee's Summit, MO
  September 8 ... Sioux Falls Marathon - Sioux Falls, SD
September 15 ... Plaza 10K - Kansas City, MO
September 22 ... Fox Valley Fall Final 20 - St. Charles, IL
      October 13 ... Chicago Marathon - Chicago, IL
 November 15 ... Richmond Marathon - Richmond, VA
      December ... Undoubtedly I'll be conned into some ridiculous Santa or Reindeer race somewhere

Some of them are still up in the air, especially the Sioux Falls Marathon.  You can read my review of the race here and find that I wasn't a huge fan of the race the first time I ran it a few years back.  But it sets up really well as a "warm up" marathon for Chicago where I'll hopefully PR this year.

But here's the advice I need from everyone ...

In two weeks I'm running an event in Kansas where you run a 10K, followed by a 5K.  I think your two race total time determines the winners.  At this point I'm planning on running the 10K as hard as I can and trying to PR (my 10K PR time isn't that great), and then just hold on for the 5K.
The plan is to treat it like a half marathon and just not stop between races and keep running to stay hot.  I don't want to sit or stand around and allow my legs to get heavy. But based on my projected finishing time for the 10K, I'll have a little over an hour to wait between races - so that seems like quite a few extra miles.

So what should I do?  Have you ran one of these races before?  Is this a good strategy?  If not, how should I approach it?

Thanks for your help and have a great week!
... be great today!


  1. Sioux Falls Marathon was my 2nd 26.2. Fun small marathon and fast.

    Also, Dallas Marathon is in December. I think the changes they made to it are good, even if half the lake perimeter is skipped.

  2. Hmmm..... thats a tough one. I think I would keep my legs moving, but not necessarily just running in between races. Maybe some walking and some sprinting just to keep the legs warm.

  3. Hm, that sounds tricky. If I did that, I'd be toast by race #2 - you'd be started a 5k on probably 12 or 13 miles, half of them fast. Maybe a slow cool down, some walking, then some strides right before the 5k?

  4. Why isn't Michigan on your race schedule for this year?!?

  5. I'm with Jose - keep my legs moving but don't keep running, get some fluid in, definitely warm up for the 5k then do the best you can.

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  7. I wouldn't run in between but I have never done anything like this. Watch to see what others are doing.

  8. Yikes. That's a long time to wait in between races. :( Alas, I have no advice because I haven't done anything like that before.

  9. Sounds like a pretty cool event. I definitely wouldn't run the entire hour in between. With the high humidity that just sounds kind of dumb. I'd maybe cool down 1 mile after the 10k take a 30 min break (get hydrated!) and then do a 2 mile warmup before the 5k. Maybe try a 5-hour energy for that 5k or something. :-)

    Good luck!

  10. I'm with Jose as well, I'd only do some walking just to keep the legs warm. If the race placing is indeed total time of both 10K and 5K, then your plan of running the 10K all out, and 5K as much as you have left sounds like a plan to me. Otherwise, if the placing is based on the average of the 10K and 5K individual race placing, I'd maybe run the 10K at like 95-97% or something, to save just a bit for the 5K. sounds like a fun challenge, though don't pull anything out there due to the long layoff between races!

  11. oh, and is Billy Mills going to be speaking? He might be the #1 guy I would like to hear from, his upset win in the 1964 10K might be the biggest upset in Olympic history.


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