Thursday, February 6, 2014

What's Going On Universe?

Did we somehow get looped into an alternate universe?
Or was this post just an excuse to share this cool pic of actual aliens ... hmmm?
Lately, it seems like a lot of things that should be up, are down ... and vice-versa.  Like some sort of weird anti-gravity spell has been cast on the world, or we've somehow time-traveled into an alternate universe.

Submitted for your approval ...  the high powered Denver Broncos ... or as some sports analysts label them, "The Best Offense Of All-Time" ... um, they got smoked in the Superbowl by a low scoring defensive Seahawks team.  Huh???  And while we're on that topic, if the older Manning brother is allegedly "The Best QB of All-Time", why does he have the most post-season losses off all time ... and why has he lost 10 out of 15 times against the TRUE Best QB of All-Time ... Super Tom Brady???

Secondly ... I'm a little sick with a cold right now.  That never happens!  Never.  I literally can't remember the last time I was sick.  And I can't figure out how I contracted this virus, or whatever I caught.  I mean, I've basically morphed into one of those weird "can't put his bare hands on anything" guys.  I should never get germs.  You know the type, I use my coat sleeve for door knobs, and cash register receipts to wrap the disgusting disease ridden pager at Panera.  Plus, I carry hand sanitizer in my coat pocket ... like a woman would in her purse. My hands are so clean, I'm basically like a surgeon prepped to dig into someone's torso to remove a set of keys they accidentally ingested.  I'm actually getting a little concerned about it because there's a few other OCD symptoms I'm starting to show.  Gotta keep an eye on that one. But anyway, I have no idea why I'm sick.

My girl ... throwin' snow!!!
Also, I'm no Bill Nye ... but right after Crazy Uncle Al Gore finished inventing the internet, and then sold his TV station to the terrorist supporting network ... Al Jazeera, wasn't he was rambling on and on about all of us catching on fire because of global warming, by the year 2014 or something.  If that's true ... then how come every State I travel to is FREAKING COLD AS -BLEEEEP-???  Shouldn't we be getting hotter.  And further more, why did we have a 20 year record snow fall of a FREAKING FOOT OF SNOW in Kansas City?  If the earth is getting warmer, we should be getting like Chocolate Rain or something (Tay Zonday ... da man!)  Honestly I have no idea about global warming science stuff.  All I know is my lovely wife shoveled the driveway for me!  Which is another "up is down" conundrum.  But thank you anyway!

And on the running front, I'm basically going about training for my marathon all backwards ... but this one's 100% on me.  Typically I build my endurance first, and then add some speed toward the end of the cycle.  But for some weird reason this time, I ramped up the speed first, without assuring I could make it 26 miles.  I'm not joking ... I'm not sure I can run a full marathon right now.   I can probably make 16-18 fairly quickly (for me anyway), but the full thing at my desired pace is questionable.  So on March 1st, if I don't start stretching myself out a little in the last few weeks, we might see another "out of the norm", or backwards happening ... my first DNF.  Wow, I hope not.  'Probably shouldn't focus too much on that one or it just might happen.

I've been puzzled by a ton of other head-scratchers lately ... like why is that little clown Dustin Beibers still on my television, but hardly any discussion of the socioeconomic differences in health & wellness ... how come I saw a rainbow the other morning on a perfectly sunny day ... and why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway????  Please explain.  Anyway, have a great week to your weekend.  And if you see ol' crazy Al, tell him I said "Hey y'all!"
... be great today!


  1. Peyton Manning and Tony Romo - big time chokers!! You have some time to get in a few long runs before March 1? You'll be fine - don't pull a Peyton Manning on us! ;) Kristen

    1. Ha, what did poor ol' Romo do to deserve that shot? If I pull a Manning, that means I'll be filthy rich, so I've really gotta think about that one

  2. hope you feel better soon!!!! im sure you have time for another long run or two to get you ready for march 1. stop this nonsense about a DNF!. I too am under the weather with a cold/laryngitis type crud. I NEVER get sick! and like you,i keep my hands clean,i keep sanitzer spray in my pocket,i don't touch door knobs,grocery carts with my bare hands!(ocd,i know!) so how did the cooties get to me??? yes the universe is shifting!!!!!
    BUT you are still going to do just fine for your race!
    take a rest day,regroup,refocus and you'll be good to go!!!!

    1. Thanks Melissa - hope you feel better too. Do you still have your blog, I've looked for a few times and I think it's blocked of deleted or something - I use to enjoy it - have a good weekend

  3. I think your cold is really getting to you... LOL. Give a day or two, the universe will get back into place. Always does.

    Get well my friend!

  4. If you find the answers to any of these, please let me know. They're puzzling me as well.

  5. I think that you're supposed to be OCD to prevent yourself getting sick. Once you're sick it's too late - no point in being OCD after that.


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