Monday, December 22, 2014

Finally Made Race Weight

46 yrs old, 6'-2", 169.8 lbs ... a little too thin
What do 24 hours of vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and literally non-stop nausea get you ... RACE WEIGHT!!!  Woohoo, I'm finally down to where I like to be for big races!!!  Sarcasm.

After my really positive 18 mile run on Saturday morning, we had Christmas with a portion of our family later in the day.  Physically I felt great, and my emotional state couldn't have been higher from getting to spend the day with all of the grand babies at one time.  But after they left, my stomach started churning at about 6:00 pm.  And at 6:30 came the first wave of vomiting ... which literally reoccurred about every 20-30 minutes after that for the next 6 hours. I finally fell asleep at about 1:00 am, but then woke up at about 6:30 am to the same feeling of nausea I had the night before.  I fought off throwing up again all day until about 5:30 pm on Sunday, but then it started again.  Finally, I fell asleep at about 7:00 pm, and when I woke up on Monday, I felt a little better.

In all of my 46 years, this was by far, the single worst bout with a stomach virus I've ever had.  I'm sure my poor wife is next, but I certainly hope not.  I wouldn't wish the way I felt on even my worst enemy.  The worst part was the nausea just wouldn't subside for a single minute.  I went from chills to sweating hourly, and I was literally writhing in pain at times.  It was flat out miserable.

I have a half-marathon scheduled next Saturday that I still plan on running, but right now I feel like I've been hit by a truck.  I lost about seven pounds in 24 hours ... which can't be good, right?  I actually got down to my preferred race weight of 170 lbs, though not by choice.  If I were feeling 100% I would love to run the race at this weight, but I'm sure I'll gain some of it back by Saturday, plus I'm sure I lost quite a bit of strength. 

I took a picture to remind me what 170 looks like ... although hopefully a healthy 170 looks a little better than a frail & sickly, skin & bones, pale 46 year old man standing the upstairs hallway.  I look way too POWish.  Not sure exactly why I'm posting the picture of  me half-naked, other than I'm still somewhat woozy and light-headed.  I'll probably take it down when I'm completely coherent again.  But frankly, if you stop by our neighborhood pool in the summer, you can see the same thing, except I'll be in Speedo.  Kidding.  Or am I?  Anyway, hope your weekend went better than mine ended.
... be great today!


  1. Oh, man, that's rough. Looks like you and I are on the same weight loss regimen (although all my "weight" is fluids from surgery). I've been terribly nauseated and sick the past few days, too, all anesthesia-related. But hey, don't they say something like 2 seconds per mile per pound or something? Maybe you'll PR.

  2. A gastro bug is never fun. But I guess if you have to get one, you've done it at exactly the right time - between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You'll need an extra slice or two of turkey to build up strength for that race.

  3. The question is, can you hold that weight for a few months? Forget he vomiting and cold sweats...chalk 'em up to a tough workout. Just need to recover properly, right? Anyway, good luck with the new found "lightness of being" and don't let it go to waste!

    1. That'll be the challenge Will, just trying not to gain it all back

  4. There is nothing worse than losing weight from being sick. So sorry you had to deal with that, and I certainly hope Michael escapes it! Good luck this weekend!


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