Monday, June 8, 2015

Summer Running ... Finally

Like most of the country, we've had the rainiest Spring and early Summer in about 20 years.  I heard a stat that it rained 26 out of 31 days in May in Kansas City, or something ridiculous to that effect.  So pretty much every run for almost two months has featured clouds, fog, mist, rain, lightning, thunder, soul-sucking-humidity, or all of the above.  I've never been to Seattle, but I'm told it was similar to their lot in life.  But alas, we've actually pieced together 2-1/2 sunny days here in the "City of Fountains", so as far as my running goes ... GAME ON!!!
Beautiful downtown Kansas City on Monday ... drenched in SUNSHINE!!!
I literally almost danced through the door beaming from ear to ear yesterday morning after an easy-paced seven miles.  It was of course humid, so I was dripping wet with not one single dry stitch of moisture-wicking fabric on me.  But Michael took one look at me and laughed, and said, "Well, you finally got what you've been waiting for!"  She knows that the summer months are my favorite.  Some folks dread the heat and humidity and come up with any excuse possible to avoid the warm runs.  But as someone who runs outside all year round ... the hotter the better please!

So hopefully I'll get back to writing a few more training posts, and sharing some thoughts along the way ... since my mindset will be so much better, ha.  Plus, Michael and I are going to Maui in September, so I have to get my body "shirtless-ready" (not that anyone cares what a shirtless 46 year-old looks like ... but watch out ladies).  Anyway, hope your running's going well too!
... Be Great Today!


  1. I hate the heat and humidity of summer but I still train because the rewards that you get from doing so are worth it when winter rolls around.

  2. Maui? Awesome!
    It's just the usual here. A billion degrees at all hours of the day and night, with 99% humidity.

  3. I run year around too Jim outside, but I'll be honest, I am not a fan of summer running. Give me fall or spring. I also can adjust to colder weather but there is nothing I can do when it is hot.

    I've lived in the midwest with the humidity and out in Utah now I have the dry heat. At least the mornings here are pretty cool so I am slowly adjusting to being a morning runner and going out for an evening walk. Definitely looking forward to September.


  4. I longed for warmer days last winter. Now I have them. I was up today at 3:00 to get my 5 miles in before the heat. Not sure how effective that was.


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