Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Heel Healed ... Thanks Randall!!!

I've been struggling with a sore heel  - most likely a touch of Plantar Fasciitis - for the better part of a month.  Most things you read on Plantar Fasciitis recommend stretching and stretching and stretching the calves.  And while this may relieve some immediate pain, most professionals will tell you the root cause is often weak or tight hips. In fact, on one of Michael's recent visit to our ART guy, who is also a high school cross country coach, Dr. Wisner reiterated this same thing and gave her some hip strengthening and flexibility exercises.

 Besides running, I try to incorporate quite a bit of lower body strengthening to my weekly regimen, which of course, includes a lot of hip exercises.  So like my friend Char recently commented, I didn't think actual hip strength was the cause of my heel pain.  However, I must admit that hip flexibility had recently fallen off a little.

So earlier this week, I really began focusing again on hip flexibility.  I stretched after runs a little more than normal, and a couple of additional times per day, making sure not to over-stretch. Additionally, my friend Randall, who is a frequent contributor to the blog, recommended some calf and foot banded foot exercises you can find HERE.  And what do ya know ... my heel pain is pretty much completely gone!!!  I'm running ... and walking around during the day ... more comfortably than I have in a month.  What a relief!

So I'm not actually sure if it was the hip stretching, or Randall's recommendations ... all I can tell you is I feel great.  And with only a month left until my first Spring race, it didn't come a moment too soon.  Hope your training is going great ... have a wonderful week!


  1. I'm so happy that worked for you!!

    1. So, Randall, what can you do for my runner's knee? My friend Jim recommended you.

  2. awesome!!!!!!!! so glad your heel is feeling better!
    hats off to Randall!

  3. Yo Mr Jim,

    Checking with you. Also, pitchers and catchers are alive and stretching.



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