Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bitterness Keeps You From Flying

I ran my first "semi-tempo run" in a good long while on Tuesday morning.  And although it wasn't as fast or as long as it's been in the past, it felt great to build a little speed again.  I got in 8 fairly solid miles, with 3 miles@6:38/average pace.

I know it's going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to get back to top shape, and frankly, I might never get there.  But it's okay.  I've always enjoyed the process and don't want to put too much emphasis on the results.

A lot of things in life will try to slow us down ... stress, weight, work, family, just life's general issues.  And like everyone else, it sometimes get the best of me.  But I think the secret is finding the ability to put it behind you and move forward.  Honestly, looking backwards has always been a little it of an issue for me.  But I'm excited about this new chapter of fitness and fully accept all of the challenges that it undoubtedly will bring.

It's time to get moving again in earnest, and today was a great benchmark.  No more waiting.  No more ignoring it.  No more excuses.  It's time to be great again.  Not great in the sense of winning some age group division in a race somewhere ... that's not greatness.  But great by getting everything out of my body ... regardless of the results ... and knowing that I did everything possible to enjoy the journey, and explore every ounce of my ability.  This will be fun.  Let the bodies hit the floor.


  1. Nice tempo! I'm trying to come back as well after some needed recovery time. It's always hard not comparing myself to where I was at various other times. But we just have to do our best with what we gave and where we are right now. : )

  2. totally *get* this post!!!
    hang in there and keep looking FORWARD!!!!!!
    do you have any races on the horizon or will you use summer as training for fall?

    1. I don't have one single race scheduled right now ... I need to find one

  3. I like your definition of great. It's not about awards - it's about pushing yourself to be your very best.


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