Sunday, November 28, 2010

2,100 Miles & My Legs Hurt!!!

Today's Workout:
             Miles: 10.01
             Time:  1:17:42
      Mile/Split:  7:46
            Temp:  37 Degreees
        Calories:  1192
Total Ascent:  788ft
           Avg HR:  163
So far this year I've ran a little over 2,100 miles - I'm shooting for 2,500 but I'm starting to break down a little as the temperatures continue to drop.  Over the past week my left knee has experienced a little tendinitis (which pisses me off because my knees never-ever-ever hurt), my right Achilles has ached off and on, and my lower back hurt for about 4 days.  I took most of this past week off and they feel better today, but the lack of workouts has made me increasingly cranky & irritable. 

My 10 miles today went fairly well - but I just haven't ran with ease over the past month or so.  I swear today I was about as smooth as a bag of hammers falling down the stairs.  With every step my bones were clanking and banging against the sidewalk.  I'm tired of winter already and its not even December yet!  I don't seem to have issues other than tired muscles in the summer.

As the day is wearing on, my knee is starting to tighten up and ache a little - but the good news is my back and Achilles are fine.  Hey, maybe I can check them off of the list and concentrate on one old part at a time.

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  1. Hey Daddy!
    I'm your first follower! You're right- this blog is stinking awesome! I'm proud of you. Keep up the hard work. Love you bunches!


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