Monday, November 29, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby!

             Miles:  10.14            
             Time:  1:21:00
      Mile/Split:  7:59
            Temp:  47 Degrees, 15-20mph wind
        Calories:  1198
Total Ascent:  699ft
          Avg HR:  165

Felt a little tired during the run.  Knee pretty tight and a little sore the whole time.  Wind was an issue - it was coming out of the SE so the entire way home it was cold.  Back and Achilles problems seem to be gone for now.  All in all it was good to get back-to-back runs of 10 miles in again. 

Iced knee three times on Sunday and immediately after the run on Monday and again on Monday evening.  Seemed to alleviate most of the main pain during the day.  I've never had much luck with ice, or icing down after a run - seems to cause more pain the next day.  But I figured I would try for a couple of days and find out how it does.

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