Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 ... My Best Running Year!

Running fell in love with me a long time ago.  It did so many nice things for me - worked my heart into shape, made me thin again, and tried with all it's might to keep me young - just to name a few.  But it really wasn't until this year that I truly fell head-over-heals in love with running.  I'm now just as committed to running as it always has been to me. 

Running fills every second of my thoughts that aren't previously occupied with stress, work, and family.  I think about the workout I just completed.  I think about how to get better tomorrow.  I wonder why my leg hurts like it does.  I count the weeks until my next race.  I wonder if I drank enough water.  I compare my time today with the last 6 months.  I measure hills.  I eat a ton of protein bars.  I count my steps over the course of a minute and a mile.  I track how many times I go #2 in a day.  I think to myself, "Man, I shoulda put on more BodyGlide in certain areas". I wonder if I look like a runner or a ballet dancer in my running tights ... the former preferably.  I obsess over every little detail.

Running has allowed me to accomplish more athletically than I ever thought possible.  Even more than that, it has confirmed in me that I can do anything with enough hard work and effort.  And even though running is really about the journey, anyone who knows me knows that I am cruelly competitive.  I compete with myself mostly, but also others even though they might not know it.  It keeps me sharp and moving forward.  It makes me get out of bed in the morning.  It makes 2 degree wind chills seem tolerable.

Following are my list of running things I accomplished in 2010.  It was my best running year ever ... but I ALWAYS want to get better!  Hopefully 2011 will be as wonderful and injury free.
  • Ran 2,466 miles (wanted 2,500, but fell a little short)
  • Completed 5 full marathons in 5 different states
  • Ran a marathon in 17 degree weather ... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  • Ran through the Kentucky Derby's Church Hill Downs at a race
  • Ran a race in the Utah mountains 5500 ft above sea level
  • Finished a race in the Kansas City Royals Kauffman Stadium
  • Set PR's in the 5K, half-marathon, and marathon
  • Finished 8th overall & 2nd in my age group in a 5K
  • Finished 75th out of 5,217 runners in a half-marathon
  • Started wearing running tights ... hmmm?
  • Didn't get attacked by a wild animal
  • Ran at least 20 miles 18 different times
  • Went through 7 pairs of shoes
  • Cheered my wife as she completed 3 Triathlons
  • For the most part stayed injury-free
  • Ate a whole large pizza before almost every long run
  • Started running with my daughter
Good luck to everyone with all of their running goals in 2011, and ... Be Great Today!


  1. I loved reading your accomplishments (even the running tights! Hahha)! I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am. To me, you are the best runner in the world because you give it everything you've got. I love you so much! You should post your 2011 goals up here too.

  2. What a great year. Great reflections as well. And you already have a goal for 2011 and that is to hit that 2500 mile mark.

    I am more than impressed with your stats, drive, ambition and you motivate me as I to am competitive. I do run against myself but I also run against the guy next to me or the blog on the other side of the planet. It makes me better and in turn makes them better.

    Here is to a fantabulous 2011!

  3. Hey, I see you stumbled across my blog. It's great for me to connect with people my age who are running. I'm pretty new and slow at it but determined. I love what you said about running falling in love with you and now you've fallen in love with it. I told my friend who said to me 'it's a sacrifice to run 5x a week' that no, it's a gift, that keeps on giving.

  4. Congrats on getting that BQ! I'm working on it. Oh, and I'm glad that you've managed to escape any wild animal attacks, too!


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