Friday, December 31, 2010

Turtles ... You Are What You Eat

            Course:  Lees Summit Loop
                Miles:  20            
                Time:  2:50:22
         Mile/Split:  8:31/mile
         Workout:   Long Run
               Temp:  39 Degrees, Wind 5SE
          Calories:  2344
  Total Ascent:  1759 ft
            Avg HR:  158 bpm
Miles this week:  64

Like a lot of 40-something guys who have been blessed and do okay in life - I sometimes can get a little carried away with myself.  I forget that everything is not easy.  And today I forgot one of the main training principles I try to follow ... RESPECT THE LONG RUN!!!

Pictured here is the main portion of my pre-long run meal last night.  Yup ... that's an empty box of Turtles.  I didn't eat them all mind you - I think my wife had two.  And surprise, surprise - I didn't have adequate energy for my long run today.
I learned a long time ago to treat my weekend long run like a race.  I SHOULD focus on the course.  I SHOULD realize that 20 miles is not easy - for anyone.  And I SHOULD eat well the couple of days before.

But this morning, after consuming very few carbs yesterday combined with about a pound of chocolate, and then leisurely heading out on an "easy" 20 miler - I was quickly brought back to earth.  The run went really poorly & slowly.  My gut didn't hurt - but it felt like it was empty.  My legs felt like they weighed a ton.  And after eating a bunch of turtles ... I ran like one! The irony is, I moved my long run to Friday because we will probably be up late tonight eating and drinking a bunch of crap.  Guess I moved my little celebration up a day too!

Actually I ran the first 15 pretty much according to my pace plan, but I just never felt comfortable.  At 16 I hit that energy wall and had to alternate running and walking the rest of the way.  Oops!  Oh well, at least I got all 20 in ... sort of.  And it just further reinforces that I can't, as my high school football coach would say, "Throw my jock out there and expect the course to lay down for me!"   RESPECT THE LONG RUN!!!

Be Great Today ... (I wasn't!)


  1. Dude ----- You were great today. You put up 20 miles. No matter how hard they were you did it and that is great. How many others can say that they did 20 on any day, good or bad.

    You were great today.

  2. Thanks Jason - that's encouraging. I just set too high of standards for myself sometimes. But seriously - I gotta cut back on the junk food ... like Turtles - thank goodness the holidays are over! Ha.


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