Thursday, December 16, 2010

Birthday Recovery Run

            Course:  Hampton Inn Treadmill - Council Bluffs, IA 
                Miles:  10            
                Time:  1:19:35
         Mile/Split:  7:58/mile
               Temp:  18 Degrees, Wind 15NW, Sleet
          Calories:  1210
  Total Ascent:  Treadmill
            Avg HR:  160 bpm
Miles this week:  47

As usual, a little faster than I wanted to go on my recovery run - but I sped it up a little since I was on the treadmill yet again this morning due to 1" of sleet on the ground and wind chill temps at about 3 degrees.  I had decided I would brave the temps, but the ground cover overnight made me choose other wise.

My knee felt pretty great until I had to restart the treadmill after 7 miles.  Stopping for some reason really seems to bother it.   I really have trouble, after stopping, loosening it back up.

Today's my birthday and my only wish today, as well as everyday, is a better life for my son and grandson.  I'm 42, creeping up on 45, which is creeping up on 50!!!  Oh well, I feel better than ever and still have a lot of running left in me.

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