Friday, December 17, 2010

Big Run Tomorrow

No run today - rested for the 20 miler tomorrow.  In the past a 20 was not that big of a deal.  But with all the reduced training, I'm really anxious to find out how I do.  There's supposed to be almost no wind, so that should be great.

Worked out late this afternoon with leg strengthening and light upper body.  Also swam 20 minutes.  Gonna have pizza tonight - GREAT CARBS!

The only bummer about tomorrow is I had reschedule my long run with Madi.  She's gonna do her long run on the treadmill - she'll kill it!  She's getting really strong!

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  1. Thanks Daddy! I hope I do well. My hip is still giving me a little trouble. It doesn't bother me when I'm actually running but after it's really sore. Can't wait to hear how your 20 goes today. BE GREAT TODAY! =) Love you!


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