Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Frozen Stocking Cap

            Course:  HyVee Out & Back 
                Miles:  9            
                Time:  1:12:11
         Mile/Split:  8:01/mile
               Temp:  20 Degrees, Wind 6SE
          Calories:  1060
  Total Ascent:  737
            Avg HR:  153 bpm
Miles this week:  27

Pretty good run.  I feel like I'm getting strength back in my knee. Although it's still really tight, it's becoming less of a distraction.  Today was just a light recovery run from the good workout yesterday. During this training period, I'm going to try to rest a little more and have slower recovery runs on days that are not speed specific.

Another sign that winter running is here is when my stocking cap freezes.   The wind was fairly light today, but the wind chill was still about 10 degrees which caused the lower rim of my stocking cap, which by the end of my run is filled with sweat, to freeze.  I'm no expert, but it's probably not a good thing to have a block of ice against your head for about 30 minutes during a run.

Gonna try to get a gym workout in tonight - but we'll see how it goes.

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