Monday, December 20, 2010

Great Monday Run

            Course:  Kohls, LSN & LS Downtown Loop
                Miles:  13            
                Time:  1:41:26
         Mile/Split:  7:48/mile
               Temp:  34 Degrees, Wind 15SE
          Calories:  1544
  Total Ascent:  1261 ft
            Avg HR:  159 bpm
Miles this week:  13

I really feel like I'm getting back into the swing of things.  Knee is almost becoming a non-issue - its a little tight during runs, but absolutely no pain in the last three.  Left ankle was a little sore today from the treadmill last week (I had some swelling in it last night for some reason), but other than that, today was pretty good.

Ran about 3 of the 13 in the grass to simulate a trail run - which felt pretty good on my joints.  Took the rest of the run fairly easy, only getting down to 7:00 for about two different mile stretches.  After a 3 mile SLOW warm-up, stayed around 7:30 for the remainder.

I ordered some softer-soled running shoes that should be in today or tomorrow.  I excited to try them in the colder temperatures.  I think changing to a softer shoe in the winter will help reduce the impact of the run.

Madi has had a little muscle pain the last few days.  She's just like her ol' man and pushes herself to the limit in everything she does.  She's probably pushing a little to much right now, but she ran 5 today without incident.  She's doing great!

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  1. It looks great!!! Looks like I'll see ya'll at Boston. It's my 50th so of course there will be a party after with all the maniacs and 50-staters. Look up "Steph's 50 Marathon Challenge" page on facebook... the events are attached to there. Hope to see ya there!


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