Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Little Longer Recovery Run

            Course:  LSN & LS Downtown Loop
                Miles:  14            
                Time:  1:51:33
         Mile/Split:  7:58/mile
               Temp:  39 Degrees, Wind 5NW
          Calories:  1668
  Total Ascent:  1337 ft
            Avg HR:  152 bpm
Miles this week:  27

I'm starting to stretch out my runs a little again.  Today was a recovery run, a little slower than normal with no speed or tempo work.  Knee felt good, but was a little tighter than yesterday.  Left ankle still a little sore most of the way.

Tomorrow's speed work will be a little challenging if I feel like i felt today - but on the other hand I seem to have less pain when I speed up the tempo and loosen up a little.

Great weather today - almost 40 degrees!  That was a nice change!

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