Saturday, December 11, 2010

Race Against The Front

         Course:  Summit Woods Crossing Loop 
             Miles:  17            
             Time:  2:09:14
      Mile/Split:  7:36/mile
            Temp:  40 Degrees, Wind 13SW
        Calories:  2030
Total Ascent:  1232 ft
          Avg HR:  158 bpm

Pretty good run considering the Quadricep Tendinitis affecting my left knee.  It was pretty tight and a little painful for the first 5 miles, but really loosened up when I increased my pace.  Got a little tired at the end. 

My non-run leg & strength workouts have really been suffering because of the knee.  I cannot do an quad workouts without severe pain, so I have been skipping it, but still doing hip flexor, hamstring, and cross-training in the pool for about 20min.  As a result, my quads are starting to feel like I'm losing a little fitness. I can still keep the pace I want, but it takes more energy and I really feel it at the end of a run.  Today's run felt like a 20 - but all in all not too bad. 

Took a 15min ice bath after the run to reduce inflammation.  It REALLY SUCKS when I'm doing it, but I'm always glad I did after its over.  Funny thing about ice baths ... THEY'RE FREAKING COLD!!!

This coming week starts the 10 week training for the Austin Marathon on February 20th.  I'll start taking official times and specifically monitoring daily workouts and time.  I had hoped to be a little healthier - but whatever.  I'm still running fast, especially for winter training, so that's a plus.  Also, I have introduced more heat therapy as well as ice after each run.

I knew there was a severe winter cold front moving in at about 8 a.m., so I really pushed to beat the 25mph winds and 20 degree drop in temps.  As I sit here writing this, listening to the wind whistle through our windows, I'm glad I got my workout in early.  Typically I like to wait until the sun comes up to run on the weekends - just because all of my weekday workouts are in the dark.  It's a huge psychological lift to run in daylight.  But I didn't wait this morning - ran at about 5 a.m. to beat the weather.

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