Sunday, December 26, 2010

Slow Recovery Run

            Course:  HyVee Out & Back
                Miles:  8            
                Time:  1:07:58
         Mile/Split:  8:30/mile
         Workout:   Recovery Run
               Temp:  15 Degrees, Wind 10NW
          Calories:  945
  Total Ascent:  837 ft
            Avg HR:  145 bpm
Miles this week:  8

Slowest recovery run I've had in some time, but it was FREEZING cold, and I was a little stiff from yesterday.  I don't record the times on my recovery runs, so it's not really a big deal if it's slow.  But I find if I run it too slow, it makes tomorrow's tempo run a little tougher.

I have to drive about 4 hours in the car today, so I will probably get pretty stiff.  I will stretch quite a bit tonight and roll out as many kinks as possible late tonight.  This is a pretty big week coming up - with about 74 miles slated, so I want to make sure my body is as loose and ready as possible.  Hopefully I will have good weather.

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