Thursday, December 30, 2010

Very Light Day

            Course:  Legacy Gym Treadmill
                Miles:  3            
                Time:  24:00
         Mile/Split:  8:00/mile
         Workout:   Light/Stretch Run
               Temp:  40 Degrees, Wind 20SE
          Calories:  330
  Total Ascent:  0 ft
            Avg HR:  144 bpm
Miles this week:  44

Light workout at gym to prep for 22 mile long run tomorrow.  Added 20 minute swim at the end for cross training.  Light upper body weights also.

I'll stretch and rest today and begin focusing on tomorrow's run.  It's supposed to be really warm, like 50 degrees - but 20-25mph winds.  This time of year, you rarely get one without the other, but it will be fine I'm sure.

I love long runs!  It gives me a good barometer for where I'll be in an upcoming race.  Great measuring stick!

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