Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Madi!

Today I have no more teenagers ... Yessssssssssssssssss!!!  I mean, er ... that's really sad.  Actually, it is pretty surreal.  Like every other parent on their child's birthday, I'm replaying various memories from her short life over and over in my mind ... trying to figure out exactly how we got here this quickly.

Madi's 20 years old today, and of course it seems like only yesterday that me and my friend Eduardo Castro were sitting in my living room writing the song, "Child Like Faith", about her.  It was a song about Madison learning to walk, and the parallel to Christian faith.  She was so cute.  Thin blonde messy hair in her face as she crashed to the floor over and over until her wobbly legs got it right. 

Today however, her legs are wobbly again, but for a different reason.  She is becoming a runner!  As a 20-year old body-conscience young woman, she runs because she wants to stay in shape.  She runs because she took an interest in it a while back, and like everything else in her life she won't stop until it's perfect.  But the most important reason she runs ... at least to me any way, is to spend time with her ol' man!  That means the world to me.

Running has changed my life and I can see it is changing hers as well.  Now - I don't want her to obsess over running like me ... but she does.  I don't want her legs to ache from running like mine ... but they do.  And I don't want her to lose her mind with short term speed goals ... but she is.   But most importantly, she is healthier and stronger than ever.  She has a new kind of confidence.  And we are spending more time together than we have in years. So you go girl!!!

Best gift bag ever!
Our birthday's are 14 days apart, and about 6 years ago we began what is one of the most important and time-honored traditions of western society.   The N Sync Gift Bag!  We trade it back and forth to each other for our birthday gifts.  It's a super-cute gift carrier that pays homage to the most influential boy-band ... ney, musical group ... of our time - N Sync!  (Back Street's back ... yeah right!)  Man we love those guys - ya know Bill, TJ, Mark, Jason, and Clint - or whatever their names are.  Hmmm, wonder what's in the bag this year?

I have told people over the years that I was blessed to have a great daughter.  But that understates her in so many ways.  The truth is, you'll never find a better person than her.  I love you sweetie!  I would tell you "be great today", but you are great every day!

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Dad! You almost made me cry. I love you so much and you are my favorite! Thanks for all you do for me, with running, but more just with life in general. You are the best dad I could ever ask for. You push me to be the best I can be! Thanks for pushing me to BE GREAT TODAY. I love you!


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