Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Goals

I've heard it said that, "Goals are a list of things you never complete" - kinda self defeating I think.  Some coach once said, "Goals are just limitations you put on yourself" - hmmm, really ambitious I suppose.  But whether good or bad, I am a "Goal Oriented" person.

I met most of my running goals for 2010, but there are several things I want to do in 2011 that should be attainable with enough commitment, focus, and hard work...
2011 Running To Do List
     1.   Run the Boston Marathon ...
I was one of the lucky ones that got registered on opening day, and we already have our hotel reservation.  Now all I have to do is not get hurt - steady as she goes mates.

     2.   Run 2,500 Miles ...
This is not a super critical goal, I ran 2,466 in 2010 - but it should be well within my reach. It's just something I would like to legitimately say I did one day.

     3.   Run 8 marathons ...
I ran 5 marathons in 2010 and my body felt really good.  There were several dead periods where I felt like, "Man, I wish I had a race this weekend".  Hopefully I can add some in the new year.

     4.   Run back-to-back marathons ...
This will be my toughest goal of 2011, but I've always wanted to do this and I think with enough training I have it in me.   I plan on doing the KC Marathon & Des Moines Marathon on back-to-back days in October.

     5.   Run 30 miles or more in a training run ...
As I gear up for more marathons, I want to incorporate more mileage into my long weekend runs.  I want running a marathon to be "no big deal" based on my long weekend runs.  Right now they are still a very big deal for me.

     6.   Set PR's in 5K, Half-Marathon, & Marathon ...
My 5K goal is something under 6:00/mile.  Half-Marathon goal is sub 1:30.  My marathon goal time is 3:15.  A career marathon goal is sub 3:00, but I'm not sure I can get there this year - but as my wife is quick to point out, I'm not getting any younger - so I better get on it!

     7.   Win my age group in a race ...
This is pretty relative to race size, but just once I would like to cross this finish line after being the best in my age group.  I've finished 2nd several times, but can't seem to catch the lead guy.  But this year ...

2011 Tentative Race Schedule
  1/30/11  Kansas City Groundhog Run 10K ... with my daughter
  2/20/11 Austin Marathon (TX)
  4/18/11 Boston Marathon (MA)
    5/1/11 OKC Memorial Half-Marathon ... with my daughter
  5/19/11 Fargo Marathon (ND)
  7/10/11 Missoula Marathon (MT)
    8/?/11 Legacy Park Night Flight 5K
    9/3/11 Michael's Triathlon Nationals - Des Moines, IA
    9/?/11 Kansas City Royals 5K
    9/?/11 Sioux Falls Marathon (SD)
10/15/11 Kansas City Marathon (MO - repeat state)
10/16/11 Des Moines Marathon (IA)
11/20/11 Tulsa Marathon (OK)
12/20/11 Rocket City Marathon (AL)

It goes without saying that the main goal of 2011 is good health and continued running - that's true for all of us.  If I focus, I think I can take the next step in my running evolution.  Good luck to everyone on their goals for next year, and ... Be Great Today!


  1. Looks like a great race calendar for 2011.
    It's hard for me to wrap my head around 2500 miles, but if you're running 8 marathons in a year and 30 mile training runs, then it all makes sense.
    Happy New Year.

  2. Great goals, Daddy! You are going to do great! Love you.


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