Monday, January 31, 2011

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!!!

Happy B-WAD everyone! (Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, obviously)

Today we celebrate one of the greatest inventions in the history of ever ... BUBBLE WRAP!  (Sorry shipping peanut)  The story of Bubble Wrap and it's national holiday are explained in this Yahoo! News WhoKnew? article. Apparently Bubble Wrap was first invented as wall paper!  Huh, that's not surprising I guess. A lot of commonly used items were originally intended for something else...

    - Meatloaf was originally intended to be a window treatment
    - 8track tapes were supposed to be toilet seats
    - And raccoons ... hold on to your hat ... the first door bell's!
(Cute little masked greeters perched on your doorstep squeaking, "Someone's here!  Someone's here!")
Sometimes I think my running shoes were intended for something else.  On days when I run free and easy, it's like they shoulda been the world's first jet pack.  But when my legs are tired and heavy (undoubtedly from the shoes), I'm certain they were first fashioned as concrete blocks or boat anchors!  Often times when my feet hurt, I've thought, "Gee, I wonder if they make Bubble Wrap running shoes?"  Good for one run only I suppose.  But that run my friend ... well, it would be like running in the clouds!

Bubble Wrap Under Clothes
I think it would be really fun to wrap yourself in Bubble Wrap under your clothes. You could walk around the office like you're really sore from a hard workout and complain about your back and knees hurting.   All the snapping and popping ... oh boy, what fun!  When your really gullible co-worker asks, "Oh my gosh ... are you okay?"  You would just laugh and laugh and laugh and say, "I'm fine silly, it's just BUBBLE WRAP!"  Then they would get mad and think you have too much spare time on your hands.  But later you would buy them a corndog & tator tots from Sonic, and they would giggle about the whole misunderstanding and forgive you.  Oh, the games runners play!

Jimmy Kimmel Bubble Suit
 usa today photos
I would love to hear about some of YOUR wild and wonderful experiences with Bubble Wrap?  I mean there are some sick & twisted uses that I have no doubt Chris K has dremt up.  But have you ever worn it as a sombrero?  Have you ever got behind the wheel of Bubble Wrap and driven it to Shreveport or Denver?  Have you ever caught Bubble Wrap sneaking in your window, or DVR'ing American Idol?  (okay that one's just too unbelievable.)  C'mon ... anything? 'Cause Bubble Wrap ain't just for softly cradling precious shipping items ...  it's a total party!

Anywho ... hope you have a great Monday, and more importantly Happy Freaking Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day!

P.S. If you didn't read my post from yesterday ... please check it out!  It's about my daughter's first race ever ... and I couldn't be prouder!!! great today!


  1. LOL! I love those pics. Happy bubble wrap day!

  2. That is a great post! Happy bubble wrap day!

  3. That must be why I'm feeling so good today - bubble wrap - just the word brings a smile to one's face!

  4. Bubble wrap = a little slice of heaven. Cheapest therapy ever.

    I love you anyway. Lol


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