Friday, January 21, 2011

January Snapshot

I started this blog for a few different reasons.  And while I enjoy jotting mindless ramblings that don't have much to do with running, my main goal was to trade info with other runners of all shapes & sizes ... turtles & hares ... experienced & beginners. I was curious what average, everyday runners did on a daily basis. I was eager to peer into their lives and find out what kept them going and made them tick. I was hopeful it would generate new training ideas, motivation, or push me a little.

Ya know, things like ... when Chris K of "BQ or Die" & Kovas of "Midwest Multisport Life" aren't terrorizing each other, what does their cross training consist of? 
Or ... how many crunches does EMZ of "If I can't convince you ... I'll at least confuse you.", do weekly to get xylophone ab's? Or ... when Jason of  'Life Of An Aspiring Triathlete" is not lighting the world with the most positive attitude ever, what are his runs like? And ... how is Jeff of "Detroit Runner - Jeff's Journey" doing on his quest to his first marathon? Things like that.

So here is a snapshot of where I am for January 2011.  It's not good or bad. Obviously, we are all at different levels ... slower, faster, stronger, or maybe injured.  This is just information.  Do with it what you will.  I would love to get new ideas from everyone, or hear what they do for different aspects of their training.

January 2011
Mileage ...
  • Averaging 65-75 miles per week (81 miles Jan 2-8) 
  • Running 6 days per week, almost always around 5am
  • Weekday runs are usually 10-12 miles
  • Saturday long runs have all been 20+ miles 
  • Typical run schedule: Sunday ... recovery, Monday ... tempo, Tuesday ... recovery, Wednesday ... speed or hills, Thursday ... recovery, Friday ... rest, Saturday ... long run
  • I try to run some portion of every run at, or below marathon pace.  I want my body to always know what that pace feels like.

Hydration ...
  • Started running with Camelbak hydration pack this summer while training for Top of Utah
  • Even though it looks dumb, I love not having to hide water and worry about hydration
  • Probably won't use it in any more races
  • Typical hydration: I usually take about 4oz of water every two miles, substituting Gatorade on long runs
  • One ounce of fluid is equal to about one swallow while I'm running

Ab/Core Work ...
  • Crunches and core work about 5 days per week.
  • Typically prerun around 4:15am
  • Typical ab/core schedule: of 100 crunches, 60 pushups, and 6 minutes total of planks (2 min. each side, and middle), for a total of 500 crunches, 300 pushups, and 30 minutes of planks per week 
  • Start all gym workouts with aprx 30min of ab work, in addition to morning work

Strength Training ...
  • Try to hit the gym 2-3 times per week for strength training
  • 30 min of ab/core work to start to elevate heart rate
  • 30 min of plyometrics - butt kickers, high knee skipping, karaoke, lunges, etc.
  • 30-45 min weight training legs
  • 30 min weight training upper body - max of 5 exercises (for example: chest flies, side deltoid raises, lat pulls, bicep curls, tricep dips)  I used to do quite a bit more upper body, but I found I was holding a lot of weight in the muscles above my waist
  • Sometimes 20 min swim for cross training

Stretching ...
  • Stretch lightly before, and heavily after all runs
  • Try to stretch once during the middle of day, but sometimes miss it
  • Stretch about 30 min. before bed
  • Always use foam roller pad with stretching, sometimes elastic band

Nutrition ...
  • I'm sitting here writing this as I just finished my weekly ritual, Large Papa John's Thin Crust Meats, Light Sauce! On Thursday's I begin carbing for Saturday's run.  I know, I know - pizza???  Leave me alone ... it works for me!
  • I'm eating about 3,200 calories per day (except for today), but not the best of foods.  The past week has been better. 
  • The problem is when I eat healthy, I don't seem to pile up the calories I need to fuel a good run.  So I use it as an excuse to eat unhealthy more than I should.
  • I'm 6'2", 180 - which is about as skinny as I can get

Assessment ...
  • My body, especially my legs feel fairly strong and healthy and not overworked
  • Right now I'm worried I am not logging enough hill work for the next two marathons - Austin and Boston, which are both fairly challenging
  • My running times are a little slower than I would like, but considering it's winter I can live with them
  • I need to find time to strength train on a more consistent basis
  • It's been challenging getting enough calories lately - not a huge appetite

Hopefully this is useful.  I love reading what other runners are doing, and what works for them.  Please feel free to let me know what works for you.
Be Great Today!


  1. In answer to your question, my quest is going Ok. I'm sticking to my plan at least. Wow, Jim, frankly, my question is where do you find the time to fit all this in. That is an incredible schedule you have there. I know you are starting pretty early. I start at 5am too but even with a 6 mile mid week run and stretching, I find it hard to do anymore than that before work. I think I'll get up to about 8 miles midweek before my marathon. It's likely I will NOT be a multiple marathon runner. My thought is to get through my first then do a destination one(NYC is my first pick) and see how it goes from there. I think I'm more cut out for the half marathon. :) You're a real inspiration.

  2. I need your dedication to training. I lost mine somewhere last year. If I could get up at 4:15 to start abs/running/whatever else, I'd be set. Kudo's to you.

  3. I would say I do 75% of what you do. I run 5 days per week, weights 2x per week, and abs 3x per week. I am mindful what I eat and hydrate pretty well. For someone who is turning 47 tomorrow, I gotta say, I I'm pretty happy with my fitness level and my body.

    I am also a bit a of workaholic and single dad and well, just not willing to get up at 2:45 a.m. Heck, not even 4:00 a.m.

    You, Sir, are hard core and your commitment and motivation helps me. I guess I do need to shift a little more to talking about my training on my blog, but then all the running moms might not Follow me :-)

  4. That mileage - seriously impressive.

    Trade you two abs for your 20 extra miles. Not that you'd ever need my abs but . . . I NEED your miles.

    yep. it's all about me. Maybe Kovas did have it right all along.....but let's NOT tell him.

  5. Hiya carumba are really hardcore!

    I am starting the "core" workout stuff soon (this weekend)...look to lose about 15 lbs as speed = weight....I might hit 45-50 miles a week on average. Methinks my blog may start getting a bit more detailed for workouts...but not too much...have a good weekend

  6. You're a stud, plain and simple!

  7. Jeff - I have a really flexible job

    Jesse - There's no way I can do the trail stuff you do

    Chris - Happy B-Day, 47's around the corner for me too

    EMZ - I need more of your speed

    Shawn - I think I would trade a finger for no more core work

    MissZ - Thanks, but people like you and your fitness level inspire me

  8. I so admire your dedication. I've always been a low-mileage runner and often wonder how good I could be if I ran more. We'll see what my next marathon cycle brings.

  9. Love the details. I always wish more bloggers would add weekly details of training. Sometimes it's nice to pick up things to keep the training fresh.

  10. I'm with you... it's fun to see what other people's lives are like - especially when they share your passions. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your life!


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