Saturday, January 22, 2011

Training ... 28 Miles & Run w/My Daughter

            Course:  Jacomo Loop & "The Jack" 2X
                Miles:  28 Total ... 22 Long Run + 6 w/Madi            
                Time:  2:55:33 (22 miles)
       Avg Pace:   7:58/mile (22 miles)
         Workout:   Tempo/Madi Run
               Temp:  18 Degrees, Wind 3NW
          Calories:  3327 (Total)
  Total Ascent:  2852 ft (Total)
            Avg HR:  151 bpm
Miles this week:  84

"I look up to the sky,
And now the world is mine,
I've know it all my life ..."
"I  Made It!  ... I Made It!" ("I Made It", Kevin Rudolf)
"Child please, that was 22 miles!"
Madi & me before her 6 miler.
Whew!!!  FREAKING 28 miles ... in da books!  I made it, and lived to tell about it.  This was my longest total run ever, and my biggest mileage total for one week - go me!  The best part, as always, was running the final 6 miles with my awesome, and world's best daughter ... Madi!  And now I'm ready to sit down for an extended period of time, and probably take a nap next to my dog Jack.

I started off with 22 miles on my own at 5:20am.  Usually on weekends, I start after the sun comes up so I don't turn into a total vampire at some point from all of the running in the dark.  But this morning, with 9 new inches of snow on the ground from earlier this week, I knew I would have to run in the street again, which I don't like for obvious reasons.  Even though it was dark, I would rather run when there is a lower volume of traffic to deal with.

The run went pretty well.  My legs were REALLY DEAD though.  I was just happy to make it through the workout.  I probably pushed it a little too hard on Thursday's recovery run.  Plus it was a little chilly and it took this old man a while to get lose.  I kept my overall pace at a slow 7:58, intentionally running about 20 seconds below marathon pace.  The slower pace also helped with the hills today, plus I wanted to make sure I had something left for Madison's 6 miler after I was done.
Total Ascent ... 2,351 ft, over 22 miles 
I've been worried lately because of the weather, and well ... my laziness really, that I haven't been getting enough hills to prepare me for the next two marathons, Austin & Boston.  I think I got enough today.  The elevation is posted above from this morning's run ... 2,351ft of total ascent.  Anytime I can ascend more than 100ft per mile over the course of a run, I feel I got enough hills.  I ran "The Jack" twice, and all of the hills leading to and from "The Jack" three times.  I was pretty spent when I was done, but I never felt overly worked or like I was pushing too hard, which is great!  I'll probably just do light hills this week as a recovery, and then hit hills pretty hard the following week.

Madison "Chicking" me!
The best part about being finished with 22 miles, besides the obvious ... Being Finished, is running with my daughterIts the best part of my week.  I gotta tell ya though, she's getting faster and today was pretty tough.  She "Chicked Me" several times ... but I told her it was just because I was holding a camera and water (gotta keep her humble)!  At one point when we were speeding up, I told her, "Slow down, or my legs will hate you!"  Her runs aren't just a little trot for me any more.

Typically, after my long run, she comes over and we run her 5 or 6 mile long run together.  As her long runs get longer though, we'll probably have to change days ... cause I don't think I can run 40-50 miles every Saturday.  But for now it's doable.

You go girl!
I am so proud of her!  She has fallen in love with running, and it's great that we can share it together.  However, as the dad of a beautiful, available, 21 year old young woman, I have come-to-grips with the fact that guys check her out.  But they are starting to check her out as they pass in their cars during our runs.  Dudes ... not while I'm around okay!  I get it ... she's cute ... but a little respect for the pops! 

We ran more hills together today than ever before ... and I think she should be in great shape for her first 10K next weekend -The Kansas City Ground Hog Run.  It's an underground 10K, through some caves that are hollowed out of the side of a hill for commercial & storage purposes.  Pretty cool ... I'm really excited to see how she does!

So all in all it was a pretty good day.  I know it wasn't an ultra-marathon or anything, but it was the most I've ever ran in one day and I feel pretty good ... for now at least.  I'll try to eat as much as possible today, stretch, and rest.  Hope your training is going well ...
Be Great Today!


  1. I love that your daughter runs with you - I'm hoping that one day at least one of my kids will catch the running rub.

    And 28 miles!! Nice job! (and for the record, your "slow" long run pace is faster than my "all-out sprint like hell" pace. I love how much each runner's normal varies)

  2. ack! I meant running *bug*...I must need more coffee...

  3. Thanks for the post, Daddy!
    Running with you is my absolute favorite (especially when I chick you- even if it is the water and camera's fault). Lol.
    I'm so proud of you and your running accomplishments! I look up to you so much!
    And don't worry- I stay away from the creepy guys. =)
    Love you!
    P.S. "Slow down or my legs might hate you." Lol

  4. Wow, those are some serious miles. Way to go! A nice daddy/daughter ritual you have. These runs together will make for some fond memories for both of you. Good luck Madi on your first 10K -- it sounds like a fun one. Oh, I really enjoy reading your blog.

  5. Congrats on a great run, wait let me reword that, Congrats on an epic run!

    And congrats to your daughter for finding the love of running and "chicking" you! :)

  6. Great run! 28 miles wow! Good luck to Madi on her first 10k!!!

  7. Really super awesome neat post. And how cool is that comment she made! For dead legs I highly recommend you consider Optygen HP. I use it 30 days out from a race. It significantly helps t prevent "dead legs".

  8. great run, even if you are a bit of a crazy man...9 inches of snow is ridiculous!

  9. 28 miles is an ultra-marathon in my book since it is longer than a marathon.

    I love your outlook on life and the time spent with your daughter. What a cool sounding race. Can you get in there and take pics? Would love to see it.

    And for the dudes checking her out, let me know and I'll be in KC in a jiffy.....LOL!

  10. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! And I love that you run with your daughter! :)


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