Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out Of The Routine

Do you work out while travelling or on vacation?  I travel sometimes for work ... NOTE TO BURGLARS: My schedule is very sporadic ... You never know when I will be gone ... We have a security alarm system ... Plus, my wife is a Ninja so don't mess with us!!! (cyber-dissuasion disclaimer ... but my wife really is a Ninja)
Michael with her Ninja at Christmas ... in her Ninja Pose
Consistency in working out is so hard on the road.  In the last year I have been better about running while travelling, but the other stuff suffers a little.  I rarely do core work when I'm out.  No germaphobe here, but hotel floors are a little "experienced", so...   Also, unless I pay to go to a local gym, its hard to get strength training in when I'm away.  I CAN swim though ... if I wanna look like a gold-fish in the Hampton Inn pool, round & round & round.

I have found a routine of sorts for running while travelling - but it's hard to get anything else into gear.  Just curious about what you do while travelling for work, vacation, etc?
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  1. I travel every other month for work and like you I have a hard time keeping everything up. Sometimes I will hit a local gym so I can do everything but most of the time I am only able to do my running. I always try to let my coach know before my travels so she can rearrange my workouts appropriately.

  2. Hi, just found your blog, I love the look of it and i love that you will be running a marathon in all 50 states! I hope to do the same some day too. I look forward to following you as you cross states off your list, i see that you'll be running in my state on 4/18, me too. Good luck

  3. When I travel I do tons of running. I have the time and love to explore new places through running. I haven't done much else but stretches. If I am driving I bring my yoga mat and brave the floor. Biking is new to me and have wondered how I could bike when I travel.

  4. My very first "swim" of triathlon training last year was in the pool at Treasure Island casino, which is shaped like a tiny kidney bean. I felt like a huge dork swimming around it.

  5. Thanks for finding me! I got a Ninja for Christmas too!! We have used almost everyday...LOVE it!

    The only thing I travel for is my I consider the marathon a good workout on the road... ;)


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