Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Oh WOW ... this is BIG!  Jeff at Detroit Runner ... Jeff's Journey, just awarded me the Stylish Blogger Award!  Thanks Jeff - that's really cool!  Please check out his page - it is very inspiring.  Please encourage him on his journey to running his marathon.  (Not like he needs it ... he's gonna kill it!)
After all these years days I feel like I MADE IT as a blogger!   Recognition from your peers, well that's just MONEY-BABY!  I feel like Bill from School House Rock - I'm finally a law! (okay, maybe not a law, but a least a Home Owner's Association Rule)
I'm still new to the whole blogging world thing, but here's what I think I'm supposed to do now - I'll try not to mess it up...
1) Link back to the person who awarded this to you.(See above!)
2) Tell us 7 things about you.(see below)
3) Select 5 recently discovered bloggers to pass this onto.(see below)
4) Let them know they've been selected.

7 Things About Lil' Ol' Me
     1)  I'm a huge baseball geek with a giant autographed baseball collection (over 300 balls) that my family and I have collected over the years.  (I've got a lot of other geeky baseball stuff too, but that just makes me seem even geekier ... if possible)
Baseball Face ... Represent!!!
     2) My dog Jack elected himself "Most Eligible Bachelor" in our neighborhood (psst, don't tell him ... but we "took care of that" when he was a pup).
Jack in action
     3) Back in my heavier days, I once ate a GRILLED HAM & CHEESE SANDWICH every day at work for about 18 months.  Somebody's a little obsessive compulsive.
     4) Music inspires me, but a few tunes on my ipod that are "a little" on the "fem-side" are:
            "Don't Stop Believing" ... by the CAST OF GLEE
            "Ain't No Other Man" ... by CHRISTINA AGUILERA
            "Last Christmas" ... by WHAM
It's kinda funny, most would say, "Wow, those songs are really out of character!"  Others might say, "Nope, fits him like a glove!"  I promise everything else is "REALLY MANLY" though.
Um, my wife makes me watch ...
     5) After two days of vacation, I'm ready to come home!  This really doesn't go over big with my wife and friends ... hey, I'm just a creature of habit.  I need my routine!
Turks & Caicos with friends 2010
     6) My Boston qualifying time was 3:20:59.3!  I literally qualified with .2 SECONDS TO SPARE!!!  Plus I kinda worked the system ... I ran a downhill course, and I used all of the additional 59 seconds they give you.  Not the most legit of BQ's, but hey, someone had to be the last qualifier.

     7) Last, but most importantly - my family inspires me to be a better person.  My kids are the light of my life ... and now we have one more little "twinkler" - my grandson Ryder.  I love my wife with all my heart.  She is so inspiring the way she kicks-a-little-booty with her Triathlon training!

Ryder & his Auntie Madison

Me & my HOTTIE wife Michael
Okay, enough about me ...
1) Goose at The Whole Half ... she's getting her freaking PhD!!! 
2) Christi at Pedestrian Runner ... so nice and encouraging!!!
3) Shellyrm at It's Just One Foot In Front of The Other ... great read!!!
4) Geno & Paige at Two Runners and A Brown Dog ... Of course they made the list - they have a Chocolate Lab!!!
5) Hanna at More Than A Marathon ... really nice gal!!!

Thank you to everyone who takes a few minutes to read my ramblings.  It really means a lot to me!  I love reading all of your pages.  Best of luck with your training, and as always...
Be Great Today!


  1. Cool learning more about you! And, there is nothing wrong with being a Gleek. Only one person watches Glee in my house and it isn't me.

  2. Great inside info into all things Jim.
    You family is beautiful!

    Thanks for the tag.

  3. Ohhh Dad. Look at you, already winning blogging awards. You make me so proud (tears streaming down my face). JUST KIDDING. Lol. But I do love you! And I do love that picture of me and Ryder. Can't wait for our run tomorrow!

  4. Wow honey, I am so proud of you. 2010 was a great year for you (qualifying for the Boston Marathon, becoming a grandfather), but looks like you are going to knock it out of the park in 2011!! Blogging awards - I mean what is next for you - I can only imagine! On a serious note, you are an awesome blogger and even I (your wife) enjoy reading your blog and response comments every day. It's a little dose of daily inspiration.

  5. Wham. .... Freaking. Awesome.

    And I can see why you ate that for 18 months. I'm pretty sure I'd sign up to do the same. ;)

  6. Congrats on the award, you're deserving in my opinion. (I listen to Christina too, girl has pipes)

  7. I completely disagree with you on #6. It is just legit of a BQ as every other person. BQ is binary - there's no gradients.

    I am still tripping that you got up at 2:45 a.m.

    Finally, I say this with the utmost respect, your wife is hot.

  8. Ha, no worries Chris - she's definitely out of my league!

  9. I am totally with you on the vacation thing. I am good for a couple of days and then I need my routine!

  10. I so appreciate your vote of respect and will surely get to my post!

    And your wife: No joke about the hottie thing! You're a very lucky man!


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