Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Workout ... Hills, Hills, Repeat

            Course:  Jacomo Out & Back, The Jack 2X
                Miles:  11            
                Time:  1:26:07
        Avg Pace:  7:47/mile
         Workout:   Hill Repeats
               Temp:  17 Degrees, Wind 6NW
          Calories:  1294
  Total Ascent:  1138 ft
            Avg HR:  158 bpm
Miles this week:  44

Decent hill workout - ran The Jack twice, which consisted of 4 hills of aprx 150ft, one set was steep at about 1/2 mile, and the other set was more gradual at 1 mile.  Tried to run them pretty hard, but started running out of gas on the last one.  For the 6 miles which was the bulk of the hills, I ran about 7:30/mile, which wasn't bad.  The slow warmup and cool down took the overall average down a little. 

I didn't want to stop at all, but I took a 1 minute break after each of the last 3, but not the first.  Also, the path was pretty snowy and I had to keep moving out of the street because of cars.  That forced me into about 4" of snow footing which really slowed me down. Also, my legs were really tired and heavy after good leg workout at gym yesterday. All in all, not a bad run - could have been better.


  1. I wish I had hills in the area I live. The only time I can get a good hill work out is when I run the trails, which are 1 hour away from my home!

  2. I wish my slow runs were at sub 8 minute miles! :) Great job getting it done!


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