Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tunes-day Playlist ... "Maybe"

I just found this song while punching around the dial IN MY WIFE'S CAR the other day. (None of my presets are on pop-radio ... oh no!)  Now, here's the usual disclaimer ... I don't know anything about this group, "Sick Puppies".  I'm undoubtedly out of their demographic. And I'm probably the only male over 40 who even knows one of their songs ... but I kinda dig it.  It sorta has an REO Speedwagon feel from the '80s.

After last week's Tunes-day Playlist, I had to recommend a song my wife would actually listen to.  I added it to my ipod this week, and I really like the line in the chorus ... "So why does it feel so wrong, to reach for something more, to wanna live a better life, what am I waiting for?"   Kinda applies to us as runners.

It's weird trying to explain running to someone.  We are in no way "better" than someone who doesn't run, but I can definitely say that I have a made a better life for myself by being a runner!  I feel healthier and stronger than ever.  And I'm more confident.  It's kinda like I think ... if I can run a marathon, I can do anything. 

Now, I WOULD NOT recommend logging STUPID mileage like I do to anyone ... but I look at lot of folks and can't help but feel that a few small changes in their lives would mean a world of difference to them.  If they would just take the first step.  Maybe walk for 10 minutes a day.  Or maybe drink one less soda after lunch.  Maybe try to get to the gym once or twice a week (but not my gym, it's too crowded this time of year).  Heck, before you know it, maybe they'll be running their first 5K.  We all started somewhere, and at some point thought, "Maybe it's time to change!"
Sick Puppy
It's funny, the older I get, I'm expanding my musical taste more and more - probably for worse.  But just when I think I'm getting "hip again", I ask my kids if they like the song I'm listening to, and they look at me like I have 3 heads???  Oh well ... I likes what I likes!
Be Great Today!


  1. My first running experience ever I ran past 6 houses and thought I was going to die.

  2. I just found this song this weekend and put it on my playlist and really like it as well. I totally agree with your thoughts that maybe if others would just take that first step and make small changes, it would make their lives better!

  3. Did you really admit on your blog to being a fan of REO Speedwagon? Now that is manly.

  4. I'm listening to all kinds of stuff since I've been running. I even surprise my teens sometimes when I can sing along to something they're singing along too, but mostly I get the 3 heads look too.

  5. I very seldom run with music, but when I do, it's a very eclectic bunch of songs.

    My kids are too young yet to give me that look about my music, but I'm sure it's coming...


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