Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Workout ... Hoarfrost Tempo Run

            Course:  Ankeny, IA
                Miles:  11            
                Time:  1:23:57
        Avg Pace:  7:37/mile
         Workout:   Tempo Run
               Temp:  17 Degrees, Wind 2NW, 100% Humidity
          Calories:  1299
  Total Ascent:  560 ft
            Avg HR:  159 bpm
Miles this week:  40

My Jim Halpert face.  Wow ... frosty!,
"That's what she said???"
Interesting "tempo" run this morning through 17 degree temps, heavy fog, high humidity, and no wind.  That's the recipe for ... HOARFROST!!! (cue peril music ... duhn, duhn, duuuuuhn!!!) I had never experienced it quite like today's run ... but after about 15 minutes of running, I was covered with a thin layer of frost.  I must have looked like some old frozen peas you find hiding in the back of the freezer that you forgot you bought in 2009. 

AHHHH ... my arm!!!
Lee from Lee of Lee On The Run - Pushing 50!(yrs. not k!) has a great post about hoarfrost, and her pic's are a much more impressive example of this phenomenon.

I ran in wonderful Ankeny, IA today.  It's actually one of my favorite places to train because it's flat and the sidewalks are huge.  The city of Ankeny even clears the snow off of the sidewalks (for the most part anyway, about 65% clear), so there is somewhere to run this time of year other than the street.

Pretty froggy in Ankeny, IA
I knew when I left my hotel room this morning, my run would probably not go the way I wanted, based on the heavy fog.  The fogged slowed me a little, but the real problem was the icy patches that were along the path I ran.  I never could find a really good consistent pace - so my tempo was a little slower than I wanted, and my splits are all over the place.  But it still felt like a decent workout for this time of year, so hey!

Today's splits:
8:46, 8:21, 7:56, 7:29, 7:02, 7:03, 6:55, 7:10, 7:20, 7:40, 7:55
The 6 middle miles that I ran a little faster were not bad, 7:09/mile avg.  I just couldn't stay consistent because of the conditions. Probably a light workout this afternoon, stretch, and recovery run tomorrow.


  1. awesome. splits.

    my AZ heater is set on 67. happy. me.

  2. I think your splits look great.

  3. wow that looks really cold! I shall remember these photos when I start feeling cold here in CA!

    awesome spits!

  4. Just found your blog! Keep up the great work! :)

  5. lol I had a Jim Halpert face somewhere in one of my posts :D Nice miles in the middle there!


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