Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nutrition Help ... Please?

I need a little help/advice from all you "nutrition guru wanna-be's" out there.  Here is my first "What I Ate" Wednesday post.  It's a look at exactly what I ate from a day earlier this week.  It's not exciting, but it's honest.  Some days are pretty solid ... other days suck!  Feel free to be critical.  (Yes, I know I eat way too many Protein/Energy bars ... my wife reminds me daily) It's just meant to give you an idea of what is (and isn't) fueling me as a runner.  I would love to read exactly what fuels you ...

 Pre-Run 4:15am
   Jif Natural Peanut Butter Spoon ... 1/2 tbsp
Post-Run 7:30am
   Power Bar C2 Performance
   4 Egg Whites
   Fresh Blueberries ... 1/2 cup

Clif All Natural Builder Bar
One of my fav's
Morning Snack 9:00am
   Clif 20 Gram Builders Protein Bar

Lunch 11:00am
   Subway 12" Turkey on Wheat,
       ... tomato, cucumber, lettuce, grn pepper, vinegar
   Almonds ... aprx 2 handfuls

Afternoon Snack 2:00pm
   Clif 20 Gram Builders Protein Bar

Dinner 5:00pm
   Brown Steamed Rice ... 1 cup
   Skinless Chicken Breast ... 1/2 lb
   Broccoli ... 1 cup
   Voskos Greek Blueberry Yogurt
Evening Snack 6:30pm
   Blue Diamond Almond Thins ... Aprx 16 crackers
   Jif Natural Peanut Butter Spoon ... 1/2 tbsp
   DiGiorno 200 Cal Mini Pizza ... 2 Slices

Nutrition Value...3250 Calories, Carbs 430g, Protein 210g, Fiber 40g, Fat 90g
Height ... 6'2", Weight ... 180lbs

A couple of things - most days I burn between 1100-1400 Cal during my morning run, and several more during my afternoon workout.  Depending on the intensity of the run, I sometimes get a little light headed mid-morning.  Once I eat a snack I'm usually fine.

Almonds - Great runner food
My problem is this ... I think I probably need closer to 4000 calories to support aprx 75 miles per week.  But I just can't seem to get to 4000 cal with healthy food only.  Most healthy food seems to take up more volume in my stomach, but not provide high calories.  That's great if you're looking to lose weight. The theory is that these healthy foods make you feel "fuller" without the excess baggage of unused calories.

As a runner though, I think exactly the opposite.  I'm constantly looking for high calorie foods that take up little volume in my belly, so I can pile them on.  Unfortunately, most of those types of foods are high in empty carbs and processed sugar - which is really tough for your body to get rid of.  I would welcome recommendations for high calorie healthy foods.

Sorry this was a little boring, but I would appreciate your thoughts, and ... great today!


  1. I have just started a plan that calls for a lot of protein and carbs from high glycemic index starches and fruits and veggies. At first it was difficult because I was eating all the time and a lot of food. But now it is much easier and good for me overall. Check out my blog page to see what a typical day looks like for me.

  2. Wish I had this problem. Maybe Jason at Aspiring Triathlete can helkp out?

  3. I'd say more veggies with your meals, for sure. I know you want more calories, but I would skip out on so many of the bars, especially with a meal. Think real food instead. Maybe a mid-day smoothie with lots of berries, yogurt, almond butter or almonds and perhaps some protein powder? Just a few ideas. I'm sure Jason will be your go-to guy here!

  4. I'm gonna look to Christi's blog for help on this as well. I recently joined You put in your activity, what you want to weigh, etc and they tell you exactly what to eat.
    Whey protein powder is one of my go-to foods though.

  5. I'm with mz & tm... Protein shakes/smoothies are the best... (think body builder shakes) they have different ones with different calorie amounts and are great healthwise...

    and more fruit and veggies... :)

  6. those shakes are great for mid moring snacks to keep your blood sugar level - so no headaches...

    i seriously don't know what i'd do without mine everyday...

  7. Yes, more fruit and veggies. I know it's only one day but fish as well. Hey, Pizza works for Dean so why not. I say unless your Cholesterol is high, I would not worry about it too much. The diet is different for everyone. If it's working for you great, if not try some other foods.

  8. I like convenience so I totally understand the bars. I have switched to Lara bars because of the natural ingredients, no sugar or additives.

  9. I bought those bars on your suggestion and love them. Good tip. I use a powder called Carbo-Pro. It's 100% pure complex carbs, tasteless, you can put it anything, it's fine even in plain water.

  10. Jim - I totally stopped eating the bars because while they have a lot of good stuff in them a lot of the bars have a lot of sugar alcohols in them and that is not very good for you.

    MissZ and Teamarcia are 100% correct. I would make smoothies. They pack a wallop and you find you are still able to eat more. I would use a proteinmilk (I use honeymilk) or greek yogurt and throw in fruit up the wazzoo. I also add a serving size of peanut butter and some honey or agave syrup in it as well. If you use a protein milk you are getting your calcium, vitamin d, protein and CALORIES (each bottle is about 250-260 calories.)

    For post run breakfast make pancakes or waffles and freeze them. Put Whey Protein in the batter for them as well as flax seed and wheat germ. Throw nuts in them as well. All proteins and calories for you.

    I am not a dietician/nutritionist but this is what I eat and I am maintaining my weight after my initial 6lb loss from switching to a more plant-based diet.

    Email me at if you have any more questions and I will do everything I can to help.


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