Saturday, January 8, 2011

Workout ... Long Run + 4.67 w/Madi

            Course:  Lees Summit Loop
                Miles:  24 Total ... 20 Long Run + 4.67 w/Madi            
                Time:  2:35:51 (20 mile)
       Avg Pace:  7:47/mile (20 mile)
         Workout:   Long Run
               Temp:  22 Degrees, Wind 10NW
          Calories:  2394
  Total Ascent:  1829 ft
            Avg HR:  151 bpm
Miles this week:  81

Great day of running!!!  20 miler went great, plus I got to run most of it in snow flurries - which is cool since I only get to do that once or twice a year.  After that, ran 4.67 with my daughter which went great too!

I ran the first half of the run fairly slow and then picked up to marathon pace over the second half.  My overall pace ended up a little slower than I wanted, but it was only about 15 degrees when I was running, so not bad considering.   My legs felt great and I felt like I was coasting most of the run - exactly what I wanted for this run. 

I was a little worried about the 4 mile cool down with Madi and how I would feel, but it went great too.  Out of all the running I do - THIS IS  MY FAVORITE!  We of course are at different paces and places in our running, but I love watching her grow as a runner - plus spending time with her is invaluable!  She was pumped to wear some of her new running clothes she got for Christmas.

81 MILES THIS WEEK!!!  Whewhoooooo!!!  This is my high water mark for a 7 day period.  Right now I feel great, but we'll see tomorrow.  I'm planning a 6-8 mile recovery run.  Great day!


  1. Wow, you are a running stud! That is a great number for the week!

    Plus that is really cool that you get to run with your daughter. My brother and I are running the OKC 1/2 this year maybe we will run into your daughter!

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  3. Thanks - my daughter, wife and I are all running the half - it should be fun!

  4. Totally awesome run. So I guess you are running the Austin Full? I'm smelling a PR for sure. Running with your kid? Just doesn't get any better.

  5. Thanks Chris - had a great day! Austin looks hilly but we'll see!

  6. 20 miles and then some more! Wow! That is impressive. I LOVE running with my kids too!

  7. Sounds like a beautiful way to spend a Saturday.

  8. Amazing pace over that distance...heck great pace period! And for me sweet miles in the flurries. I love running in snow. Peaceful!

    I am just getting caught up on your running. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love connecting with runners who are out to amaze themselves. Can't wait to see what's going on in Jim world.

  9. I'm loving that weekly mileage. What a great day - a long run and a run with your daughter - sweet!

  10. I ran Austin the first year they changed the course from a FAST BQ course to the hilly version. Lucky me! It was hilly, but not too bad, but I LOVED it.

  11. Running with my kids ranks up there in the "Best Things Ever" category. Excellent week!

  12. Thanks, Daddy! Running with you is my favorite too! Looking forward to this Saturday's run as always!


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