Thursday, January 27, 2011

Workout ... New Kicks, Mizuno Wave 5 Trail

            Course:  Blackwell Out & Back
                Miles:  8            
                Time:  1:04:37
        Avg Pace:  8:05/mile
         Workout:   Recovery Run
               Temp:  39 Degrees, Wind 10SW
          Calories:  799
  Total Ascent:  753 ft
            Avg HR:  153 bpm
Miles this week:  48
Let  me say up front, I know about 1.6 people are gonna read this post.  I mean, another shoe post ... WOW - how relevant and fresh!!!  But my first ever trail shoes were delivered today and I'm super pumped!  Too bad my trail running career is "Closed Until Spring, Thank You", for another 256 days when the snow melts.

When I got home there was a box from Road Runner Sports waiting for me.   I get a lot of my gear from RRS.  If you are a member of their website & google some coupon codes online, you can get most of your junk for about 25% off their list.

My anticipation was building as I took them out of the plastic shipping bag ...

Tada!!!  My new Mizuno Wave Ascend 5 Trail Shoes ... Yeeeeeaaaah Boooooyyyy!!!

Ahhhh!  Size 12.5 and they fit like a glove with a rubber sole! (Wow, should have shaved!)

Just like a kid, I took them out and ran in them immediately.  (It was FREAKING 39 DEGREES TODAY ... Amazing!!!) I ran a slow 8 mile recovery run with them on the only clean pavement I could find.  (Like with every other square inch of the U.S., my hood is still covered in snow!) I'm not afraid of getting them filthy, I mean that's what they're for ... but I didn't wanna slosh around in the mud and snow the first time out.

I won't give you the same ol' tired run-of-the mill shoe review, but I'm amazed with new shoe technology and how form fitting they are to your foot.  I ran 8 miles with these bad-boys today right out of the box with no trouble.  And I have literally taken my Brooks Trance 9's and Ghost 3's out of the cardboard and logged 20 miles, on multiple occasions - blister & hotspot free.

I remember shoes when I was a kid ... about the time they stopped hurting your feet, they were splitting on the sides or had a hole in the sole.  I also remember putting on new sneakers in the store and running around in them a little to "see how fast they made me".  Had to give them a quick test drive!

I'll give you a more complete review at a later date, when I actually experience a real trail and break an ankle or something ... great today!


  1. I'll be needing some trail shoes in April for my 50k. I'm interested in your review. I'll likely end up getting the new Newton trail shoes cuz I'm a shill.

    Do you cross train? Core?

  2. I love new shoes! I just ordered some! I have never had any trail shoes. Do you run on trails or do you use them because of the winter roads?

  3. So did they make you run faster?

  4. I love new shoes. I'm thinking about doing a trail run just so I can get some trail shoes. Is that bad?

  5. Chris - I swim & plyo for xtrain

    Jessica - I used them on the road yesterday, but I want to start on actual trails

    Christi - I didn't have the chance to try them in the store, but they seemed okay. ha

    Turtle - Starting anything because of the cool gear is fine.


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