Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Workout - Speed, 1 Mile Repeats @ 6:30

            Course:  Jordan Creek 5X Loop
                Miles:  11            
                Time:  1:19:13
         Mile/Split:  7:12/mile
         Workout:   Speed Run
               Temp:  18 Degrees, Wind 8SW
          Calories:  1281
  Total Ascent:  1464 ft
            Avg HR:  160 bpm
Miles this week:  44

Pretty good speed workout this morning.  Ran 3 mile warm up, 5 mile speed work, 3 mile cool down.  The 5 miles of speed work were 5 - 1 mile repeats at 6:30/pace with 1:30 of recovery between each.  Splits for each were 6:20, 6:30, 6:29, 6:35, 6:40 - kinda dogged the last one a little.

The total distance around Jordan Creek Mall is about 1.3 miles, so I circled it 5 times for my speed course.  Plus it's great to window shop when your heart is racing out of control! (Kidding)  It's a pretty flat course, with a slopping 50ft. hill at both ends.  So in either direction, you get a hill at the start and a slope at the end.

I felt pretty strong - especially for this time of the year.  I was much faster this past summer, but that's okay and to be expected with 60 degree difference in temps, and a lot more time at the gym.

All in all, a pretty good workout!

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