Monday, January 17, 2011

Workout ... Treadmill, 12 Mile Progressive Run

            Course:  Legacy Park Treadmill
                Miles:  12            
                Time:  1:29:20
        Avg Pace:  7:27/mile
         Workout:   Recovery Run
               Temp:  33 Degrees, Wind 10SE
          Calories:  1425
  Total Ascent:  0 ft
            Avg HR:  156 bpm
Miles this week:  22
Legacy Park Community Center
Pretty good workout, for a treadmill anyway.  There are a lot of pros & cons about treadmill work. One huge CON, is that today was a 12 miler ... I would have rather been outside, but sleet and icy footing forced me inside at my gym (pictured left).

I ran a Progressive Run today.  I started at a comfortable speed, and then "progressively" increased the speed each following mile until it became uncomfortable.  It's one of the tougher treadmill workouts I do, but I like it because it takes the focus off of the hypnotic the churning belt.

Here are the splits ...
  Mile 1 ... (Warm up 8:45)
  Mile 2 ... (Warm up 8:15)
  Mile 3 ... 7:55
  Mile 4 ... 7:40
  Mile 5 ... 7:25
  Mile 6 ... 7:14
  Mile 7 ... 7:11
  Mile 8 ... 7:05
  Mile 9 ... 6:58
Mile 10 ... 6:54
Mile 11 ... 6:33
Mile 12 ... (Cool down 7:12)

Overall, I felt pretty good about it.  It's 5 weeks until Austin, and that was the fastest "Week 5 - Monday Run" I've ever had ... but it was on a treadmill, so ...


  1. Solid. Very solid. I'm going to do my speed work on the eliptical today. 6 X 1 mile in HR Zone 4. I gave it a test run last night on one interval and it was brutal. Not a bad brutal. I should be back on land this weekend.

  2. I did some speed work out in the snow/cold today, but I wasn't out too long. I debated about using the mill, but the cold and snow won out!

  3. Nice times on the mill. I did a 20 mile incline workout Saturday on one. Maybe we can meet up for a sec. at Austin. Perhaps rendezvous at a certain pacer before the race.

  4. About Austin, that sounds good - I'll get with you when it gets closer.

  5. Great work... looks like a killer 12 miles!


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