Monday, March 28, 2011

Like A G6 ... Boston Questions?

I'm not a "BigWig" at my job by any means, but last week I had a meeting in Des Moines, IA and KC, MO on the same day.  Impossible to make both?  You bet!  But not if your company sends their private jet for you!
Not really a G6 ... but still pretty FRESH!!!
I'm kind of a "keep it simple" & "no frills" type of guy, but I gotta admit, this was pretty freakin' cool!  After the meeting I asked my two bosses if I could have this luxury all the time, but they told me to go fill up my car ... guess that's a "no."  I was a little disappointed there was no caviar on board, but there were some donuts ... I had two!  True playa from day one!
I got my Boston Marathon Race Booklet in the mail this week ... pretty cool!  It came with my bib pick-up card and an Adidas merchandise catalog.  I've seen the course elevation on-line, but there was a more detailed version in the booklet.  Now, I may end up being the world's biggest fool after this race ... but pssssst ... the course doesn't look that tough!  Of course there are the famous four hills at Newton, but I have the opportunity to train on hills taller and longer than these all the time.  We'll see I guess...
If you've ever ran the Boston Marathon or have lived in Boston - I have a few questions for you.  If you don't feel comfortable answering in the "Comments" section -  you can send me an email at  Your help would be appreciated.

1.  We're going to a Red Sox game on Friday night - is using the public transportation from downtown easy and safe?

2.  On packet pick-up day ... can Michael come with me to pick-up my bib and go through the expo, or is it for runners only?

3.  With so many runners in the race, is it tough to run your preferred pace ... or do you just have to move at the speed of the crowd?

4.  Are there spectators lined up along the course for the entire race?

5.  Why did I eat Chipotle two days in a row?  Is there a limit to how much rice one person can consume?

Oops ... sorry, that last one is for anyone to answer I guess.  Any help would be great ... thanks!
... be great today!


  1. play on playa!

    im getting so excited for all you speed racers going to boston....cant wait!!!

  2. You so fly honey! I can't wait for Boston. I posted my "interview" with you today on my blog :)

  3. Does Michael call you pimp daddy now sine you're a high roller. And 2 donughts?? Nice play!
    I love living through all you speedsters- can't wait for Boston for all of you!

  4. Getting around Boston on the T is the best way to go anywhere. It is easy and safe. Your gonna be a big boy in a big city, that feels tiny. You are going to love Boston.

    I would love to answer the other questions but I have not BQ'd yet so I don't know anything about those questions EXCEPT

    Stop eating Chipotle and start eating Michael's vegetarian cooking....LOL!

    Be Great Today, Be Better Tomorrow!

  5. I have to disagree with you on you not being a corporate bigwig - taking a private jet to a meeting means you are one, haha

    As for Boston, I've never actually ran the course, but I've analyzed the course profile a lot, and in the end the course is a net downhill course. It seems like the Austin Marathon hills that you ran were probably twice as hard as Boston. It just seems like the fact that the main hills start at about mile 20, and so if you don't save up enough energy for those hills you might struggle on them a bit. Seems like the same is true for the Steamtown Marathon - which is basically downhill or flat until mile 24 when it has a couple big hills.

    As for Boston itself - I visited there back in 2002, and riding the T is insanely easy. Very safe I thought. I seem to recall taking the green line to Fenway Park (definitely don't drive there as there is no parking around there), it was very safe and easy. I'd recommend getting there a bit early, it is a fun atmosphere outside the ballpark. Enjoy!

  6. even though i'm not running boston this year please post answers you get!!! i'd love to hear insider info! :)

    all the high-rollers eat donuts on their private jets these days.... diddy, jay-z, trump... cavier is so yesterday...

  7. I want the answers also. I have been to Boston several times but this will be the first time running.

  8. Chipotle is just awesome, thus the two days in a row and no you can never eat too much rice!

  9. well, playa, I am only qualified to answer the Chipotle question. Who can resist eating it two days in a row? It is pretty darn good. :)

  10. If you bring Chipotle to the bouncers at the expo, they'll let Michael in.

  11. Chipolte is the best...And eat rice daily..

    Never been to Boston, Actually I have never ran a Marathon yet!!!!

    Great questions though..

  12. That is a very cool plane! I would have enjoyed that trip for sure. I can't help with Boston but eat as much rice as you can every day.

  13. That. is. awesome. Teacher's don't get private jets for anything. Boo.

    I've never been to Boston so the only question I can answer is that Chipotle is amazing. So is Freebirds.

  14. enjoyed your "interview" on your wifes blog so I had to head over and check you out:)

  15. I *love* Chipotle and have made many two-day-in-a-row trips there. I've given up eating out for Lent, though, so won't be back there until Easter. I always get the brown rice, if I get rice (leave off the rice and beans for same great taste, fewer calories)--maybe they only have brown rice in Boulder???

    That Boston trip sounds like a dream vacation. And that packet you got looks so cool.

  16. Yes, boston subways and cabs are safe, that is the only question I can answer, oh Chipotle is freaking yummy

  17. keep that head in check, playa! Ha! Your "big time"

    1. The T is great and safe - IMO
    2. My hubby came to the expo with me, so it shouldn't be a problem.
    3. The race is crowded, but I didn't have issues with keeping my pace because of people. You should be grouped with runners about your same pace.
    4. The crowd support is almost non stop. There are a few thin areas, but the majority of the way, you will have spectators lining the road. The Wellesley part was my favorite for scenery, and even the girls cheering. I didn't get a kiss, but it was fun.

    As for the course. I think you will be very well prepared. I thought it was a tough course. For me, it wasn't just hilly at 16-21 as advertised, it was hilly the whole way. I trained on hills, but still wasn't prepared to "race" on hills. There is a BIG difference to me. I had raced many "flat and fast" courses trying to BQ, so I had very little experience with "racing hills." Many people actually PR at Boston. Also, I heard many people talking, after the race, saying "the course wasn't that bad" I had to ask one group where they were from....TN - that explained it.

    You will have a GREAT time in Boston. Not the most scenic, IMO, but the history of it, and that I had to work so hard to get there, made it great.

  18. Hahhaha Everyone keeps calling you 'playa.' If they only knew... =)

  19. Dude, that's awesome that you got a private jet! Totally love that you ate donuts - you are quite the playa!!

    Can't answer the Boston questions... someday I'll be fast enough - I may be 80, but I'll get there some day!

  20. I only read on the TM when I am walking during cool down/warm up. I fell off once when I was running while not reading so I would never do it. Too much of a klutz!

    If I ever get a private plane as a teacher the tax payers will really have something to complain about. What a neat thing for you!

  21. You can't beat eating donuts on a jet! Have the best time in Boston!

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