Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interview with Slowly Tri-ing ... Sort of???

Following is an interview I conducted with Michael from Slowly Tri-ing (psssst, only one of us knew about the interview...)

50a40 ... How did you get into Triathlons?
Michael of Slowly Tri-ing ... Well I think it started when I saw this super hot VERY YOUNG looking 42 year old running down the road.  I started running ... but only to try and catch him!  One thing led to another.

50a40 ... What's your favorite thing about your husband Jim of 50after40?
Michael ... Well, believe it or not - he's ALWAYS RIGHT!  Yeah, I've never seen anything like it ... I usually just defer to him on everything.

50a40 ... Why do you talk so much on your blog about Bradley Cooper, Matthew McConaughey, and that little guy from Maroon 5?
Michael ... Oh that's easy, I only write about guys who are not as "smokin" as my hubby!  Sure he's a freckly, big-eared, thin haired fellow ... but I find that sooooooo sexy!

50a40 ... Why do you make your husband dress up in Halloween costumes?  Don't you think that humiliates him?
Michael ... Ha, yes! He complains about it the whole time and dreads it for a month before, but I think deep down he loves it!

50a40 ... It seems at times you love your dog more than Jim?
Michael ... I do.

50a40 ... Do you ever get tired of  making him watch TV fashion programs?
Michael ... Oh no, his favorite is that wedding dress one! And speaking of fashion, we can all learn so much from his wide range of blue jeans, running shoes, and grey t-shirts.  It speaks to his inner couture.

50a40 ... Anything you would change about your life?
Michael ... Only that I would tell my husband he is the "biggest stud ever" more often.  And watch more baseball and eat more bar-b-que with him!  Other than that, just standing near him and basking in his glow is plenty for me ... I'm soooooo lucky!

Wow, what a telling interview.   Thanks for all the kind words babe.  After all these years you really are still enamoured with me ... that means a lot.  I love you too! (I think this goes without saying, but I totally made this up ... but I'm sure this is exactly how she would answer!!!)
... be great today!


  1. Jim, you are one lucky man. Michael- you are an AMAZING wife ;)

  2. Speaking from experience, it is a burden and a gift being always right. It is great that you've found the right balance.

  3. sure this wasn't doctored in any way? Hmmm? Hmmmm?

    Very funny though. And I share your burden on always being right :p

  4. Michael = BEST WIFE EVAH! "I usually just defer to him on everything" HAHAHAHAHA!!

    Somehow I'm pretty sure this is NOT how it really is ;)

  5. Bahahahahahaha. Michael how do you put up with him? :o)

  6. Wow amazing how well you know your wife!

  7. Hmmmm....that's weird, I don't seem to remember this interview at all. But I do consider myself lucky to be married to you :) (insert awwww here). Very funny sweetie!

  8. man, i should try this with my husband...just to check if he's reading...

  9. Hahahah. I loved this. And they say men don't have body issues. The facial diagram was hilarious.

  10. Hahhahaha! I'm sure Michael LOVED that. Sounds just like EVERYTHING she normally says to you... Lol. =) Thanks for the run today! Love you, Daddy!

  11. hilarious! nice gladiator costume by the way, haha

    I think you found a gem in Michael!

  12. I love this!!!
    I also love my new sticker!
    I will put the picture as promise!
    thank you so much!!!

  13. Very funny. Now I want to see Michael interview you!

  14. Oh yes, I love my new sticker. Love love love it.

  15. Best post of 2011. Looks like someone is warming up to non-stat, non-training, silly, funny posts. Good.

  16. you two are too cute. seriously. thanks for the much needed chuckle :)

  17. Great interview! I can't wait to hear her interview with you!

  18. She's a keeper all right...

    And I'm with AJH...she needs to do an interview with you... fo sho...

    so funny. :)

  19. This made me laugh so hard out loud!

    Great Post!

  20. OMG, too funny!! You're definitely a lucky guy. :)

  21. What an awesome interview. And seriously I can't imagine a different thing being said if she was actually in the room during the conversation.

    And let me let you in on a little secret. We have 8-heads. Yes, most people have 4-heads but because our is moving further and further back and more of our frontal lobe is showing....well we have 8-heads. Welcome to the club.

  22. I had to go back and check the date, see if this was posted on April 1st.

    I just noticed the pic of us running together here on the side of your blog. Glad you posted it.


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