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Lees Summit Night Flight 5K ... Running After Bedtime

Madi & an ugly old guy
Race Report: Night Flight 5K
June 10, 2011
Lees Summit, Missouri

1st Place 40-44 Age Group
15th out of 602 Overall
20:06 ... 6:29/mile pace
72 degrees/82% humidity

I'm an EARLY morning runner.  So any run after 6AM is getting a little late in the day for me.  And a 5K race that starts at 9PM is ... well frankly ... after my bedtime! (My family and friends say I'm 42 going on 63 ... they're probably right, now get off my lawn!)

Friday night I ran in one of my hometown races, the 30th Annual Lees Summit Night Flight 5K.  It's a fun after dark race that is sponsored by the Parks & Rec Department.  I've ran this race a few times before, but this year I got to run it with my daughter Madison!  (Michael was at a play with her friend Cindy) We actually ran individually ... but hey, it was the same event.  And we both had a great time, with Madi setting a PR!!!  In her first 5K ever, she ran 28:59 for a 9:24/mile pace.  AWESOME!!!

Race shirt with "glow-in-the-dark" logo & glow-sticks
This is typically a small race, with about 600 runners this year.  And since it's ran in June, warm weather and slower times are usually expected.  But I went into this race with a pretty good attitude, just wanting to run well regardless of the time.  Due to the 9PM after dark start time, most of the runners were a little out of their comfort zone to begin with.  Also, it was a nice evening for hanging out, but a little warm to run your best ... about 73 degrees with 82% humidity.  I wasn't SUPER EXCITED about my time of 20:06, about 1:22 off of my PR. But it wasn't bad considering everything.  Ya'll know by now that I'll probably never be satisfied with my time, regardless of where I finish. But I DID end up being one of the fastest "old guys" in the race, winning my age group for the second straight weekend!  Plus, there was only one guy older than me who finished ahead of me.  HOORAY FOR OLD GUYS!!!

I started a little fast trying to keep up with the area Cross Country runners ... too old and too slow for that.  I think the winner was about 15 years old and ran 16:30 or something - a little out of my league.  But I did keep the flashing lights of the police pace car in sight the whole time!  My gut began burning at about 1.5, which was a reminder to this idiot that I need to get back to my ab program and stop eating cheese burgers, fries, and donuts during the week.  I'm not kidding about that.  But as we approached mile 3 I only saw a couple of "30 something" runners in front of me in the last mile and I knew I had enough in the tank to pass them, which I did.

Madison and Nate
The course was not "hilly" at all. There were only three 50ft inclines that were only about .25 miles long. But most of it was completely unlit by street lights.  I've ran this area hundreds of times and I knew there weren't any pot holes, but not being able to see in front of you in a race is a little weird.  You have very distorted depth perception.  Plus, I forgot to start my Garmin until about a half mile into the race, so I wasn't sure exactly where we were other than just knowing the neighborhood.

I NEVER feel like I'm going to throw up during a run ... my problem is fighting back the other end. My biggest fear is being one of those pictures on the internet where there was literally "an explosion."  I would like to think that I would never "allow" that to happen, but hey?  However, I can tell you that last night at the finish line was the closest I've ever come to hurling.  I ran about a 4:45/mile pace the last quarter mile and my heart rate got to 197.  195 is what I use as my max!  And when I crossed the finish, I was seeing stars and actually thought, "Okay, this is the day I throw up from a run!"  But like a champ I held it down!

Madi with the final kick of her 5K PR!!!
Madison's boyfriend, Nate was at the race watching me run ... okay, he was there to see Madi!  And he was kind enough to hold onto my camera, which I got from him immediately after I could breath again. I then rushed over and attempted to take a picture of her crossing the finish line.  The picture I got was horrible!  It was really blurry.  I'm not sure if it was because of the darkness, or the 3 gallons of sweat that I slathered the camera with. But Mad's step-dad took the one at the left and it turned out awesome! Seriously, it's one of the best race photos I've seen!  Great action shot! I joked with him and told that my stupid camera probably cost 3 times what his did, but his took better pictures!  Maybe he's just a better photographer.

I also ran into Lisa from Eat, Pray, Run after the race, but I didn't even think to get a picture (we live in the same town).  I wish Michael could have met her - she's a really cool blogger! I've met Lisa a couple of times now at the gym and at this race and she is always very nice.  According to her time she ran very well also!

Madi and Nate then waited around while I got my medal for 1st in my Age Group.  The medal was pretty ugly, but that's okay.  When Michael saw it, she said, "Wow!  Did they get from a Cracker Jacks box?"  But I really didn't care that much about the medal.  It was just awesome to run the race with Madi.  And honestly, it was pretty awesome to come in first two weekends in a row.  I know when I look back at this period in a few years when I'm a broken down old man, this will probably be the fastest I've ever been.  I still want to improve, but PR's are getting harder and harder to come by.  I think I'm getting pretty close to my ceiling.  But you never know.
1st Place M40-44 ...  2011 Lees Summit Night Flight 5K

After the race when Madi went home, she sent  me this text ...

"I'M SOOOOO PROUD OF YOU!!!! Winning first in your age group two weeks in a row!?  Are you kidding me! You KILLED it.  And I love you!  You were great today! :-)"

That was the best thing about the night. great today!


  1. Nice Jim. Two weeks in a row. Great race and to be with your daughter for it - awesome.

  2. That is so awesome!! I have been bugging my dad to get into running with me. I wish so hard that we could do like you and your daughter did. Amazing time by the way!

  3. ok, I love that you won your age group 2 weeks in a row, but seriously? that text from Madi was awesome! Congratulations!!

  4. I like your kid. She is great.
    Congrats on your race! Very nice job!!! I want to be like you when I am 63.... :)

  5. Congrats! What a month you are having! What will you do next week? :)

    How fun to run with your daughter too and she is so pretty!

  6. You are my two favorite runners :)

    Great job to both of you!!!

    You both ROCKED!

  7. Yay for 1st place, sweet daughters and always striving for a PR!

  8. It'd be so hard to race in an unlit area. Even if I know there's no potholes, my mind imagines that some have miraculously developed. Great run! Great age group win and a great PR for Madi.

  9. It was great running into you again, Jim! One of these days I'm gonna get to meet Micheal!! When I looked up the results today I saw that you totally KILLED IT. Seriously, very impressive. Not only did you take 1st in AG but, geez, you were 15th overall!! I actually yelled "Go Jim!" as you were heading back on Douglas (I, of course, was still just heading OUT!), but you looked pretty focused and it looked like you had your headphones in. Anyway, way to hang with the high schooler's!! It was great to meet Madi as well--AWESOME PR for her!! See you all around ( :

  10. Great job! It seems like the 40 year olds in my area are int he top 25 all the time!! this is a great age to be!

  11. Yay! Age group winner twice! Your daughter and Nate are a cute couple. Congrats Madi, too. Great 5K time.

  12. Wow, congratulations!

    Few things make me as happy as a night race.

  13. Great job Jim. That is awesome.

    The medal looks like Chariots of Fire and we all know that is the running movie of all running movies so embrace the medal.

    Congrats to Madi as well and that is a great action shot of her running.

  14. Running is in the family genes! Super job to both of you.

  15. NICE! I ran my first evening race this year at 5:30pm and I thought that was pretty strange. A night race sounds fun.

    Glad you guys had fun. I love that you and Madi are doing races together - so awesome!

  16. I'm totally with you on the early to bed part. 9:00 pm and I'm DONE!

    congrats to Madi! It's so neat how you share your passion with your family. With the exception of my hubby, my whole family just thinks I'm weird, lol

    I'm in the exact same place with the "PR life" I still think I have a few left in me, but the reality is I know I'm near my peak. The clock is ticking. I plan to get the most I can out of the next few years.

    Humidity is such a killer. You ran a great race for the conditions. Congrats!

  17. Congrats Jim! I also love that you have such a great relationship with your daughter. A few years after my parents divorced my dad quit having any kind of relationship with my brother and I. And how special it is that you two can share a love for running!

  18. Thanks everybody! And thanks Daddy! You know running with you is my absolute favorite. I'm so proud of you! Keep doin' yooo thaaang. =) Love you!

  19. Congrats! What a great experience to share with your daughter!

  20. You did a great job! Congrats. I would not like running at night but I think a race in the dark would be fun. But how about the bugs or don't you get bugs at night in the city? They are bad around here this year due to all the wet and flooding.

  21. oh, I forgot to mention. I'm also with you on the never satisfied part...or rarely satisfied....

    although it is tiring to never be satisfied, overall, it IS what pushes us to be better and new PRs.

  22. That is really cool. Super impressive. Congrats Jim. You and Madi are definitely my favorite runners from Lees Summit. Lisa too.

    So.......sub 20 is eminent. Especially with optimal race/weather conditions. Ah, kids.

  23. That is AWESOME, Jim! Great job and how great to run with Madi.
    Lovely photos!

  24. I love that you ran this race with your daughter. She is absolutely gorgeous. wow!

    Great race jim!

  25. Awesome job again! You are on a roll right now! Do you have a spare room to display all your medal hardware? haha

    And that is kind of crazy to be running at night where you can't see your feet, that would be tough mentally to trust that you won't step on something!

  26. Holy moly! Great race, Jim. & way to OUT MAX your heart rate. :) I love that.

    I have been toying with the idea of a PM race too..

    Great job to Madison as well!

  27. OK Dude, you are so not an old man! Congrats on running hard and at night. I'm there with you...9 is after my bed time.

  28. Old man huh? I don't think so...

    Congrats on another amazing race.

    And that Madi of yours - what an adorable one! I love the text...

  29. I love reading about your running adventures but I must say that I love the runs with Madi the most. What an awesome relationship. It's refreshing that you can joke around with her step-dad too. Great job on the 1st 2 wks in a row!!!!


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