Sunday, December 18, 2011

2011 Photo Album

Here are a few of my favorite running & race photos from 2011.  
It was a GREAT year! 
Here's to an awesome 2012 ... best wishes in the new year!
JANUARY: My daughter Madi & me at the KC Groundhog Run 10K - her first race ever ... I couldn't be prouder of her!

FEBRUARY: Me & Jon from 2Slow4Boston at the LiveStrong Austin Marathon (Jon is very fast by the way)

MARCH: Michael & me at the KC St. Patty's Day 4 Mile Run ... dressed in green of course!

APRIL: The last .2 miles on Boylston Ave. at the 115th Boston Marathon ... sprinting toward a PR!!!

APRIL: Crossing the finish line at the 115th Boston Marathon ... one of the greatest thrills of my life!

APRIL: Me & one of the best runners in the blog world ... EMZ, at the Boston Marathon.  She's a cool gal with a great family!

MAY: Madi & me before the Oklahoma City Half Marathon - not a real boot!

MAY: Madison & me at the The Oklahoma City Half-Marathon ... her first half!  It was raining and FREEZING!!!

MAY: Raisin' the roof at the Fargo Marathon ... kind of a disappointing run as you tell  from my face!

MAY: Me & former blogger Maia at Fargo - she and her husband were really cool

JUNE: Early morning track workout at Campbell Jr. High in Lees Summit, MO

JUNE: Pre-race dance before the Hospital Hill 10K ... we must have been doing the running man???

JUNE: "Sore Winner" at the Hospital Hill 10K ... worst run of the year, but somehow (luck) I won my age group

JUNE: Madi & me before the Lees Summit Night Flight 5K ... an after dark race - nice warm summer evening!

JULY: Down the stretch at the Missoula Marathon ... my first trip to Montana - a BEAUTIFUL State!

AUGUST: Kansas City Royals 5K ... an awesome race that finishes inside Royals Stadium (future World Champs!!!)

AUGUST: Madi, me, & future son-in-law Nate before the KC Royals 5K ... I couldn't ask for a better husband for my daughter!

SEPTEMBER: 80 degree finish line at the Sioux Falls Marathon ... a little too toasty for a  fast long run!

SEPTEMBER: Pre-race dance before the Cerner 15K ... Jack's actually a pretty good dancer!

SEPTEMBER: Cerner 15K - probably my best and most rewarding race of the year!

SEPTEMBER: Michael & me at the Cerner 15K ... Michael killed it at this race! (Just look at that sexy gal - I'm a lucky dude!!!)

OCTOBER: Pre-race dancing before the KC Marathon ... it was good luck for Michael - she PR'd!!!  Jack didn't run!
OCTOBER: Kansas City Marathon - first leg of my back-to-back marathons.  Ha - looks like I'm leading the pack!

OCTOBER: Finish line at the Kansas City Marathon ... probably my most favorite race photo of all time!

OCTOBER: Crossing the finish line at the Des Moines Marathon - less than 24 hours after finishing Kansas City!  Awesome feeling!

OCTOBER: My son Gage & me at the Halloween Hustle 5K ... Gage got 2nd in his age group in  what was his first race!

NOVEMBER: Tulsa Route 66 Marathon ... crossing the finish line with new PR

DECEMBER: Wrapping up the year at the Rocket City Marathon ... whew, pretty worn out!

Best wishes and happy running in 2012!!!
... be great today!


  1. I like this a lot. There are so many good pictures. I kept seeing different favorites. I like the ones with your daughter esp. kicking near the boot. I also like the pre race dance party. Looks like a great year racing.

  2. Love this post..the dance party ones are the bomb.

  3. I know that this phase is way over used -- but I DONT care -- freak'n awesome post as well as a kick a$$ runner you are. Congrats to a great year!!

  4. You've had an amazing running year. lots of races. Lots of good times. I hope 2012 is just as great.

  5. Great pics! You've had a really great year. It's so much fun to do these posts and relive it all.

  6. Love this post!!!
    What a year you had!
    Finish line at the Kansas City Marathon is my favorite picture...a perfect photo finish!!!

  7. You've done a lot of running (and blogging) this year. I like that pic of us. I'm sure I'll be reposting one similar when I do my yearly recap.

    Congrats on a very successful year of running and racing. I value you blog as a source of inspiration.

  8. Awesome post! You had a great year of races!

  9. What a great year for you and your family. Hope 2012 is equally great!

  10. You've had an amazing year of running in 2011! Great that you were able to meet EMZ and 2Slow4Boston!

    My favorite pic of you is probably the finish line of Boston Marathon - because each person in that photo is celebrating something different (the guy with the flag, that guy right in front, and the girl on the side). Also the KC one where you are leading the pack is cool! I have no doubt you will have a great 2012 running year too.

    I also didn't know that the Royals are hosting the 2012 All Star Game, that is cool! You should try to go to at least the home run derby!

  11. I like these! The ones with Michael in them are my favorite.

  12. Awesome recap brother.

    One question though:

    Early in 2011 you went compression sock-less then on the 2nd half of your back2back mary's you are seen wearing them and I got that but then again in December you are sporting them.

    Help you? I don't run in them and only sometimes cycle in them if I slept in them the night before so I'm wondering why the switch?

  13. What a spectacular running year for you (and your wife and daughter and son :)). I hope 2012 is filled with even more greatness...I can't wait to watch!


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