Friday, December 16, 2011

Rocket City Marathon Performance Review

Rocket City Marathon 
Saturday, December 10, 2011
Huntsville, Alabama
17th Marathon Completed
Official Time: 3:38:06
Avg Pace: 8:19
Splits: Second half 10:36 Slower than first
First Half - 1:43:45, 7:55/mile
Second Half - 1:54:21, 8:44/mile
Finish: Overall ... 221st/1130
40-44 Age Group ... 44th/146
Avg HR: 161
Weight: 178
Calories Burned: 3,744
Pre-Race Meal: 6" Subway Turkey on Wheat
Elevation Gain: 410 ft
Total Distance Ran: 26.34
Temperature: Starting Line, 38 degrees
Finish Line, 44 degrees
Wind:10-15 mph
Humidity: 70% humidity 
Comments: Ran the first 20 fairly well, but really lost interest at 21 and slowed down to 9:45ish miles.
Garmin Connect:

Not really much to report about this one.  After PRing at Tulsa three weeks prior, and approaching 3,000 miles for the year - I was physically and mentally spent.  Entered the race not really thrilled about running, but had already signed up so I went anyway. 

Ran the first 20 miles fairly well, but really slowed at mile 21 after pretty much giving up on any sort of time.  I didn't really hit the wall, but I just really lost interest in anything other than finishing.

Felt like I really missed a great opportunity to run fast on a flat course. It was a great course and a great day to PR, but I had pretty much used up everything at Tulsa a few weeks before.

Ran most of the first 20 miles with a Pose method striking almost solely on the ball of the foot.  Felt pretty good, but my calves were pretty sore the next day.

Nutrition and everything were fine - I just wasn't feelin' it and ran a really poor race - but all-in-all 3:38 is acceptable and it capped off my best year of running so far.
... be great today!

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  1. I would take your time on this race ANY day! Don't knock it dude. May not be your best time, but it's definitely a great time! Not too many people can do what you just did there.
    Stay positive my friend.


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